February 2020
I pray that your first few events of 2020 were successful! After World Day for Consecrated Life and World Marriage Day, we turn our attention to Lent and eventually the celebration of Easter! First, I have BIG news about a new initiative from Vocation Ministry: a Podcast!
New Podcast Launching February 24, 2020
I am thrilled to announce something new from Vocation Ministry, a podcast about vocations to the priesthood, consecrated life, and marriage. You will hear uplifting news stories, great interviews with sisters, brothers, priests, seminarians and married couples and tips to promoting vocations in your family and parish! Subscribe today on all your typical podcast platforms by searching for Vocations Today so that you don’t miss the first podcast on February 24 th ! Let’s build up the Church together! 
How to Promote Vocations during Lent
In March, we will discuss planning for World Day of Prayer for Vocations which is April 3rd, but for now, let us turn our attention to promoting vocations during Lent. Maybe your parish already has some events happening during Lent that you could sprinkle vocations into like a Lenten Bible Study. Have you thought about asking the Bible Studies at your parish to say a prayer for vocations to begin or end their meetings? You can find plenty of vocation prayer cards to download HERE to make it easy for you. You could also ask if one of the Stations of the Cross or a Pancake Breakfast or Fish Fry that is offered at your parish could emphasize vocations during this Lenten season. See below for some ideas. Please share with me your ideas about promoting vocations during Lent!
Way of the Cross for Vocations
Every Friday parishioners gather for Stations of the Cross, so why not sprinkle vocations onto this activity. Ask your priest if this would be a good time to introduce vocations to your parishioners in this way. Some dioceses already have a Stations of the Cross program, but if not, you can find one in English/Spanish/Bilingual from the Diocese of Honolulu at VocationMInistry.com. Click on the button below. 
Pancake Breakfast with a Vocation Twist
This activity has proven to be a favorite at our parish. This could take place at a Lenten soup meal or Fish Fry for Vocations, anywhere that parishioners are gathered. The parishioners love interacting with seminarians, sisters, priests, and married couples, but you don't have to have speakers! The kids in attendance enjoy coloring this place mats. Have a pack of crayons nearby. You could also have Vocation Prayer cards at each place. You can find out more about this activity and this downloadable placemat
Ministry in Action from
the Diocese of Greensburg, PA
The Vocations Ministry was formed in December at the invitation of Bishop Malesic and Father Anthony Klimko. The team is using the model created by Rhonda Gruenewald to help the four Uniontown parishes foster a culture of vocations. A calendar of suggested activities was approved in December using the book, “Hundredfold, A Guide to Parish Vocation Ministry” and her website vocationministry.com .
Main initiatives

After Our Lady of Guadalupe was selected as their patron saint, they got to work promoting vocations at Mass, school and in the home!

Incorporate Prayer into the regional school and homes:
  • A vocation prayer were given out to all of the teachers 
  • Vocation prayer cards and letters (explaining the request for families to pray for vocations) were sent home with the parents.
World Marriage Day
  • A blessing of all married couples and a recognition of the number of years those couples have been married. In addition, printed copies of the Marriage Prayer, included in “Hundredfold” will be copied on card stock and handed out to the married couples.
Pastor's Birthday
  • Parish school children are making spiritual bouquets
  • A tri-fold publication will be created to showcase brief biographies of each of the three priests serving our four parishes.
We are Hiring!
Vocation Ministry keeps growing as there is a real need for support for vocation ministries/committees! If you know of a Catholic, who lives in or near Houston, please send them this email and ask them to send their cover letter and resume to Victoria@vocationministry.com. Find out more about the job posting of Program Coordinator below!
Keep in Touch
Remember that if you want to see past newsletters you can find them at VocationMinistry.com under the Resources tab.

Don’t forget to email me with your stories of triumph or struggle. If you have questions, know that I am here to support you in this mission of Building a Culture of Vocations One Parish at a Time!

As always, know that you are in my prayers. If you think of it, please pray for me, too.
God bless you!
Rhonda Gruenewald
Vocation Ministry
Cell: 281-352-4005
St. Alphonsus Liguori, Pray For Us!
A Facebook Group for YOU!
This group is dedicated to the laypeople looking for support while promoting vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and marriage in a diocese or at a parish in a Vocation Ministry or Committee.