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Special Edition Newsletter / April 2013
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WPH's Mission...

As a leader in local workforce development WPH provides evidence based analysis and engages a broad range of labour market stakeholders. 

Hamilton's economy...  

is well on the way to recovery after the global economic downturn of recent years, with 2012 achieving the best investment year on record according to the City of Hamilton's Economic Development office.
The city's employment strengths long dominated by the steel industry have become quite diverse, with employment in the Hamilton CMA growing by 3% since 2007.  

Trade, manufacturing and health care continue to make up the top three areas of employment,
Knowledge-intensive industries such as finance, insurance, real estate and leasing, professional, scientific and technical services,
and educational services are growing at a high rate. 

Occupations related to sales and service continues to account for the most prevalent occupations in Hamilton.  

Many of these jobs are part-time and/or entry-level, employing a relatively higher percentage of younger
labour market participants.

However, the occupational categories that experienced the greatest growth over
the past five years are those that require higher levels of education, such as health occupations and social science, education, government service and religion.  



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Announcing the release of Workforce Planning Hamilton's 2013 Labour Market Plan

If you are an employer, a job seeker, or a member of the Hamilton community you may have noticed that Hamilton's economy is on the move. Workforce Planning Hamilton's annual Labour Market Plan provides a wealth of information for those who are interested in understanding more about our local economy, the economic changes we face, and proposed directions for the future. 

After you read the report please answer a brief, four question survey to give your feedback and help us improve our next year's plan.

Click here to access the survey link.

Our Labour Market Plan:

* Provides a comprehensive overview of local labour market developments in Hamilton
* Highlights key industry sectors and workforce issues
* Shares In-depth information on key labour market groups (youth, immigrants, Ontario Works recipients)
* Presents current data on the population and economic profile of Hamilton, unemployment and participation rates,
employment trends and much more

Our report updates our 2012 Labour Market Plan, and reports back on the actions that were taken. We also look to
the future by charting our labour market action plan for 2013.

After consultation, our key priorities for the community include:

1. Supplying up-to-date labour market information
This will be accomplished via a Healthcare/Life Sciences Launch Event; the Employer One Survey; a Quarterly Job
Vacancy Report, and Sales and Service Labour Market Profile.

2. Skills alignment needs support in our community
To that end WPH will work on a project to aid experienced workers who are unemployed, and their employment
counselors; and an Employment and Training Community Services Mapping project.

3. Youth Attraction, Retention and Integration
WPH continues to work with stakeholders such as the Hamilton Youth Collaboration, and the Hamilton Employment
Crawl, as well as the Youth Employment Network.

4. Immigrant Skills Integration
WPH will host an Employment Engagement Event to release the findings of the Hiring Immigrants Project and to
encourage networking opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding the 2013 Labour Market Plan please contact Judy Travis, Executive Director, WPH at 905-521-5777 or by email at: judy.travis@workforceplanninghamilton.ca

2012: A Bright Year for Hamilton
  • The Conference Board of Canada ranked the Hamilton-Burlington economy as the fastest growing in 2012 
  • among Ontario cities at 2.5%
  • Site Selection Magazine ranked Hamilton the #1 city in Canada for attracting industrial and commercial development
  • Real Estate Investment Network ranked Hamilton as the best place to invest in Ontario for the second year in a row
  • Conference Board of Canada's Diversity Index gave Hamilton a 0.92 rating (where 1 is "Highly Diverse" and 0 is "Not Diverse"), which contributes to the resilience of our economy to market fluctuations and encourages a broad spectrum of employment opportunities

Find out more about WPH at www.workforceplanninghamilton.ca