Announcing a Major Church Flooring Fund Gift
Alongside and Forward
With our gratitude and deepest appreciation Crown of Glory is excited to announce that a generous donation has been gifted to our Flooring Fund . This gift will allow us to finish the carpeting around the church gathering spaces and the hallways! This special offering was made anonymously by a Crown of Glory family, with the hope that the gift will offer a partnership which equips our congregation to move forward with the goal to complete our building project. The form of this gift is a stock offering valued at over $31,300!
This flooring gift has an additional “Challenge Gift” for our congregation’s action. Our challenge is to raise an additional $25,000 by end of year to complete all of our flooring needs. In response, if the goal is met, the family will make an additional stock gift to Crown of Glory estimated at $15,000 in early 2019!
Four years ago Crown of Glory embarked upon a journey that was focused on a single vision to expand and build a community church that not only served its members but welcomed many to its doors, meeting spaces, classrooms, and gathering areas. Because of this gift, those aspirations are now coming into sight! Through the generosity of this family of moving alongside us in our goal, we are able to move forward and complete our vision of being a welcoming congregation and seeing our flooring completed.
You’re Our Partner
The gift of $31,300 will cover the cost of carpeting in the gathering spaces around the sanctuary and our hallways, plus a significant percentage of the funding needed to complete the flooring in our fellowship space, the Sun Hall! This will have a tremendous impact on our ministry; for our Wednesday night dinners, weddings, funerals and general fellowship. The carpet is on order and is expected to be installed by the end of the month. But there are still areas to be completed, namely our church sanctuary. The estimated cost to fully complete the flooring throughout the remainder of the building, following the “Alongside and Forward” flooring gift is estimated at about $25,000. Crown of Glory is working with contractors to get sound bids that will offer us a complete flooring upgrade.   
Crown of Glory is near its goal in seeing its vision become a reality and we need your support. In order to complete all the remaining areas we are sending out this special appeal for Crown of Glory families to consider your partnership in seeing this vision come to completion.  Our goal is to raise $25,000 to complete the entire flooring project. We need your commitment and support.
This is a pinnacle moment for our 50-year history as a community congregation that thrives on opening our doors and welcoming people of all walks of life into our gathering spaces! We are committed to being a welcoming congregation. We are committed to walking alongside people. We are committed to planting seeds of faith in the hearts of those who call us home.
How Can Your Family Contribute?
The lifeline of our congregation is the people who offer their gifts to the greater community. We are blessed to have such families in our midst. We are sending out this appeal to prayerfully consider a gift to the Flooring Fund at Crown of Glory.  Every gift is important, no matter the size. Your commitment is crucial to our goal of reaching $25,000 to cover the cost of the remaining flooring project by the end of the year. And when we reach our goal, we will receive an additional gift of $15,000 that will kick-start our remaining expenses to finish our building. Those expenses include repaving our parking lot, landscaping requirements and building signage. 
When was the last time you had someone commit to walking alongside you and next to you? I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to write this appeal to each of you. We have an epic journey ahead of us in our history as a community congregation. Please, prayerfully consider a special gift to this flooring project. Your gift will have a tremendous impact on the funds needed for our challenge.
Alongside and Forward Challenge
How can you meet our goals and the challenge that has been offered to us?
  • Challenge Gift: Today you can make an impact by giving to the “Challenge Fund” by offering a gift of $25, $50 or $75. Your gift will support our goal in reaching our vision.

  • Commitment Gift: Make a one-time gift and special offering to Crown of Glory “Challenge Fund” for $100! Your gift will support our goal and vision of being a welcoming and community congregation.

  • Partner Gift: Support the “Challenge Fund” by offering a one-time gift of $250. Your gift will greatly impact our hopes of reaching our challenge to receive an additional estimated $15,000 that will support our building projects.

  • Stewardship Gift: Crown of Glory appreciates your support and contributions. Donors are welcome to make a special one-time gift of $500 to enhance our overall challenge.

  • Alongside and Forward Gift: Your contribution of $1,000 or more to this special fund will support our mission and secure our challenge gift of receiving an additional $15,000 that will complete our goal. Thank you for considering this gift.
Alongside and Forward Flooring Challenge
I am humbled to offer this challenge to each of you and know that we will continue to be a community congregation that offers not just a place to meet and gather, but a place that offers a commitment to family and a commitment to growing in faith.

Your Servant in Christ,
Reverend Reggie Klindworth
Mindful of Jesus Christ
Influencing the World
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