Becky Oehlers

A new work from Caroline Shaw - commissioned by The Ann Stookey Fund for New Music 

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We continue our musical friendship with Caroline Shaw through a new commission supported by a $30,000 from our long-time friends at The Ann Stookey Fund for New Music. Winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for her work Partita for Eight Voices, Caroline is one of the freshest, most innovative and unique voices in composition today. The new work is commissioned by a consortium of choirs composed of The Crossing (Philadelphia), Cantori New York (New York), Volti (San Francisco), and Notre Dame Vocale (South Bend); all will give the regional premieres of the new work, intended for the 2021-2022 season.
Donald noted, "I had an amazing conversation with Caroline about the direction of this project and I feel that she knows us so well, having worked together intimately a couple of years back. We share similar interests in why art "is" and I know that the consortium ensembles all have these directions, concerns, abilities, and commitment. We are, of course, ever grateful to Joe Waz and The Ann Stookey Fund for New Music for another new-music gift to the world - one that will surely honor Ann's legacy."
The Ann Stookey Fund previously supported Gregory Spears' The Tower and The Garden, which The Crossing premiered and recorded in October.
Our previous collaboration with Caroline, To the Hands, from Seven Responses (2016), has become our most widely-performed commission.

To the Hands: No. 3. Her Beacon-Hands Beckon

Thank you Caroline, Joe Waz and The Anne Stookey Fund for New Music, and our colleagues and friends at the consortium ensembles for coming together to make a new work that honors Ann's legacy, and expands our repertoire, thoughts, and hearts.