September/October 2020
Emergency Repairs to Keep People
Living Safely in their Homes
We are excited to announce that we can now offer emergency repairs and major appliance replacements (ERMAR) under a new initiative for very low-income homeowners in Johnson County. The service, ERMAR, will be added to the repair services offered under IVHFH’s home repair program, Helping Hands, which exists to keep people living safely in their homes.
ERMAR differs from IVHFH’s critical repair service, which addresses multiple home issues over a longer period, in that the streamlined process allows IVHFH to address a single repair issue in a small window of time. ERMAR projects include replacing furnaces and water heaters, along with addressing simple issues to major home systems including HVAC, 
plumbing, and electrical. IVHFH will also complete roof repair, ramp construction, and other carpentry work.
IVHFH Executive Director, Heath Brewer, sums up the program, “ERMAR is a response to an unmet need in our community. We get a lot of calls about work that needed to be done yesterday, and a lot of these situations are especially complicated for very low-income households. So, we’ve adjusted some of our processes and procedures and fundraising to be able to respond appropriately to these needs.”
For more information about the program or an application, please contact program director, Scott Hawes, at or (319)519-3275.

Our goal is to assist at least 10 Johnson County homeowners in the next year, but we need your help to achieve this goal. Make a donation to the ERMAR program today!

Introducing Solano!

We are thrilled to welcome AmeriCorps Vista member, Solano, to our team! Solano has been learning about our programs and projects and is always eager and willing to help wherever we need an extra hand. Solano will be working directly with South District residents in Iowa City. Solano says, "Now more than ever, community means everything and there’s no better time to slow down, listen to our neighbors, and to reach out to and invest in each other and our community. In these difficult times, every gesture of kindness makes a difference and while the stakes are higher than ever before, we’re left with no better choice than to pour our gifts into the communities that we belong to." Learn more from Solano here.
Did you hear?! ReStore is OPEN!

We are busy as ever at the Iowa City ReStore thanks to so many amazing donors and customers. Did you know that proceeds from ReStore sales directly support our programs?! Want to help us do more? We put together a list of our most-wanted donations. You can visit our website for a complete list of items you can donate. Don't forget, we offer contact-free pickups of your donations. Request a donation pickup here.

Things look a little different at the Iowa City ReStore. We have updated store hours and implemented procedures to keep our staff, volunteers, donors, and customers safe during this pandemic. In the interest of our community's health, we will continue to require all persons to wear a face mask while they are in the store.

Check out our new store hours: Wednesday through Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

For more information, follow our Facebook page for updates or email us at or call 319-338-5687.
Homeownership on the Horizon!

After suspending our Homeownership program and new home construction due to COVID-19, we are proud to announce a home rehab project that will help a family of four, soon to be five, become first-time homeowners by the end of the year! Stay-tuned for an introduction to this incredible family. Our construction crew is working safely with small groups of volunteers to renovate this Iowa City home. Are you ready to build with us again?! Email
Thank You!

Rolling out our Emergency Repair and Major Appliance Replacement program would not have been possible without the help of MidAmerican Energy Company, St. Mary's Catholic Church's Peace and Justice Commission, and West Bank. Some repairs just cannot wait and we thank these generous partners for recognizing the critical difference an emergency repair can make.

Sponsor an ERMAR repair today! Reach out to to discuss sponsorship opportunities.
St. Mary's Catholic Church, Iowa City