Impact Recruiting - A New Member Benefit!
We are excited to expand the benefits of GNJMA Membership through a partnership with GNJMA Platinum Sponsor, Kelly Anderson Group.

Impact Recruiting helps companies of all sizes. Whether they are acting as your temporary or permanent recruiting department, helping you through a time of growth, or just helping you catch up, they are here to do what you need done, when you need them, for as long as you need them.

How It Works!
Your leads go directly to your designated recruiter via email or your Applicant Tracking System. They respond immediately using our signature conversational recruiting techniques, tracking and documenting all leads and working the qualified leads as far as you’d like before passing them on to you. Your recruiter is an extension of your department who can do as much or as little as you need. They will pre-qualify applicants and pass them to your staff, or they will complete the entire pre-qualification process, only passing applicants along for final approval and orientation setup.

What It Costs?
Impact Recruiting helps you get non-productive assets back on the road. Being a member of the GNJMA, you pay a flat monthly fee of $2,550 with no additional fees and no contract. Use Impact Recruiting as long as you need, then put their services on hold until you need them again.

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For more information, contact Scott Price, Client Solutions Manager 417-202-4766 Scott@KellyAndersonGroup.com. 
Thank you!
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