Friends -
I'm proud to announce that I am running for a position on Wakefield's Board of Selectmen. When Tom and I moved here, we thought we were just buying a house with "good bones" (said Tom, the architect) and easy access to our jobs. The house was being sold by a young family moving only a few doors down, wanting more space but unwilling to leave the neighborhood they loved. That was our first sign that Wakefield is a special place!
Eighteen years and two kids later, we know first hand the kind of town this is. Our family has been shaped by Wakefield. Our kids are prepared citizens, thanks to Wakefield Public Schools. They are confident team players, thanks to Wakefield's youth athletic programs (and the hundreds of hours donated by volunteer coaches). They appreciate music and theater, thanks to Wakefield's many arts offerings. They have a sense of faith and service, thanks to our church and events like the upcoming Martin Luther King Day celebration.
When I decided to start my own business after two decades in the corporate world, I turned to Wakefield's Chamber of Commerce for support. When I need to clear my mind, I walk or run the Lake or brave the hills of Breakheart. And now that the kids are more independent, Tom and I are enjoying Wakefield's many restaurants and events.
Along the way, I have met so many people who share our love of this town and work hard to make it a better place. I have been grateful to find like-minded people who care about things important to me, like education, sustainability, business development and creating an inclusive community for all people.
Wakefield has a solid foundation, but there is room for improvement which is why I'm running for Board of Selectmen (hopefully soon to be renamed Town Council, but we'll need your vote on April 24th for that, too). As the national dialogue becomes ever more contentious, I firmly believe that we must build the kind of place we want to live in at the local level. I want to help do this by being a fresh voice on the Board, asking new questions and finding innovative solutions.

I believe I have the experience, insight and commitment to be a voice for all Wakefield residents and businesses . That is why I look forward to the next few months when I will be sharing my ideas, but more importantly, listening to you.
Please join me at a Kick Off Event on January 29th from 6-8 pm at the Americal Civic Center. Visit my website for opportunities to volunteer and donate . Most importantly, I ask that you vote for me on April 24th.

Have a wonderful Martin Luther King weekend and many thanks for your support,
Election Day is Tuesday, April 24th ~ Last Day to Register to Vote is April 4th
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