RMA Minnesota Chapter BOLD Mentorship Program
The Women’s Forum of the Minnesota Chapter of the Risk Management Association is pleased to present the launch of our BOLD Mentorship Program.
Are you at a point in your career/life where you would like to mentor someone?

Have you been considering having a mentor, but not sure how or where to find one?
If you answered yes to either of the above questions, this program is a great opportunity for you. Women and Men are encouraged to join.

Mentor/Mentee relationships last 6-12 months, after you sign up and are matched up with an individual, there are no rules/formats that are required to be adhered to. You both set the pace and discuss what your objectives are that you will cover during the Mentor/Mentee relationship.  Meet in person or chat on the phone, this is about what works best for the both of you.  Either party has the right to terminate early for any reason, no questions asked.

The BOLD Mentorship Program is managed by the Women’s Forum,
however Women and Men are encouraged to apply to be a Mentor/Mentee.

Are you interested in applying to be a Mentor or Mentee ?
Click on the applicable button below to complete a questionnaire.
This is a form you will need to save on your computer,
complete and attach to your email to the Chapter Administrator .
After we receive your completed form, we will review your information and follow up with you as soon as possible. Since we are just launching this program, please understand that we may not have a match for you immediately, however we will keep you informed.

For more information please email Brenda Ryan .
Below is what a recent Mentee had to say about the pilot BOLD Mentorship Program:

I feel very fortunate to have found a mentor within RMA. In the past, I’ve often sought mentorships within my company or field to help build my network. While this can be helpful, something was missing. I couldn’t always bring my authentic concerns because I wanted to put my best foot forward – like a job candidate.  

My Mentor through the RMA is in a different field and at a different company. Allowing me to ask the questions I really need to ask to help me through difficult professional challenges. Our conversations have been honest, action-oriented, perspective-shifting, and safe. I’ve learned a great deal by being myself and getting an outside perspective in a judgment-free setting.  

I am thankful that forums like RMA exist to connect us. Likewise, I’m incredibly grateful to the women who are willing to mentor. The experience has been outstanding.

Shannon J.

Mentorship Program Disclaimer
The views, information, or opinions expressed during any mentor/mentee relationship are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of the RMA Women’s Forum, The Minnesota Chapter of the Risk Management Association, the Risk Management Association or its officers, directors, members, employees or representatives (collectively, the “RMA Parties”). The RMA Parties are not responsible and do not verify accuracy of information shared between mentor/mentee parties involved. The primary purpose of this mentor/mentee relationship is to offer assistance in personal and professional growth opportunities to members of The Minnesota Chapter of the Risk Management Association. The RMA Parties are in no way liable for any or all outcomes pertaining to a mentee and/or mentor relationship.
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