Board of Directors for 2020-2022
President, Jen Martinez

Welcome to the new school year! While this is not the start any of us expected, here we are moving forward together in these unprecedented times.

I know that many of us are still wondering what this school year will look like. We are used to being very busy at this time getting ready for meet the teachers, schedule pick-ups, senior parking space sign-ups, volunteer orientations, faculty and staff welcome back celebrations, and more. While it breaks our hearts that we cannot be together in person, we are looking forward to the day when we can. Until then, we are sending air high five’s, air hugs, and we will continue to engage our members and communities virtually!

As we continue with our mission to support ALL children, please consider the following questions in your planning:

  • How do we remain relevant while currently removed from our schools?
  • How do we ensure everyone still sees and feels the value of their PTA?
  • How are we spearheading our Membership campaigns?
  • How can we continue to connect with our immigrant and non-English speaking families?
  • How can we ensure that our homeless and unstably housed families are able to participate virtually and be engaged?
  • How can we elevate the PTA Student Voice?
  • How do we grow future PTA leaders that are reflective of our school and community populations?
  • How do we continue to lead with kind hearts when things seem so chaotic?
  • How do we ensure our students that need services are receiving them?

These are challenging questions with no easy answers. I look forward to hearing your ideas, plans, and how you will PTA today. I am confident that together, we have the dedication, passion, and resilience to make what seems impossible, possible.

Let us be bold, let’s be courageous, let’s continue to move forward with our out-of-the-box thinking, as we strive to ensure that every child reaches their full potential!

Jennifer "Jen" Martinez
Florida PTA President
A Family of Advocates for ALL Children! 
Executive Committee

President: Jen Martinez (Palm Beach)
President-Elect: Carolyn Nelson-Goedert (Miami-Dade)
Vice President for Leadership Development: Maxine Lewers (Broward)
Vice President for Member Services: Alvin Gainey (Alabama)
Vice President for Engagement: Naomi Frierson (Hillsborough)
Vice President for Educational Development: Dr. Danielle Thomas (Leon)
Secretary: Robin DeVault (Hillsborough)
Treasurer: Khanh-Lien Banko (Alachua)

Immediate Past President: Linda Kearschner
Consultant: Mindy Haas
Consultant: Cindy Gerhardt
Executive Director: Jean Hovey
Additional Board Members:

Parliamentarian: Rosa Acerra
Media & Marketing: Linda Nestor (Broward)
Youth Member: Cedela Fredericks (Broward)
National PTA Board Member: Jude Bruno (Miami-Dade)
Advocacy Commission

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Rosa Canon (Miami-Dade)
Legislation: Karen Mazzola (Seminole)
Resolutions: Tracy Strecker (Orange)
Leadership Development Commission

Leadership Convention Event Chair: Janet Lamoureux (Polk)
Sponsor Engagement: Jessica Kociara (Pasco)
Engagement Commission

Awards: Debbie Sawa-Szostak (Pinellas)
Family Community Engagement: Lisa Hoyland (Broward)
Scholarship: Joe Piecora (Hernando)
Student Engagement: Faith DeVault (Hillsborough)
Education Commission

Educational Pathways: Angie Gallo (Orange)
Exceptional Child: Pam Korithoski (Alachua)
Healthy Child: Eric Stern (Palm Beach)
Multi-Lingual & International Students: Mady Plumey-Cruz (Orange)
Member Services Commission

Membership: Jessica Summers (Pinellas)
Reflections: Katrena McMahan (Indian River)
Field Service Representatives

Northeast: Felita Tutt (Duval)
Northwest: Alana Hamblin (Escambia)
West: Lawrence Clermont (Pinellas)
Central: Erica DeFord (Lake)
South: Charmain Postel (Palm Beach)
East: Dr. Teena White (Martin)
County Council Presidents

Alachua: Mary Benedict
Broward: Burt Miller
Duval: Teresa Rogers
Escambia: Samarys Kervin
Hillsborough: Frank Reyes
Indian River: Julia White
Martin: Andi McAvoy
Miami-Dade: Sandra West
Orange: Melanie Williams
Palm Beach: Laura Fellman
Pasco: Alicia Willis
Pinellas: Kristina Garcia
Seminole: Shelly Pedraza
Volusia: Linda Witherwax