Arizona Autism United (AZA United)

AZA United Begins Expanding Across the Valley
Our new East Valley Center for children & families will be opening soon!

AZA United was founded 14 years ago with a mission to help as many families as possible.  The group of parents who came together to create this nonprofit organization knew firsthand how difficult it was to obtain high quality care for their children.  They hoped to build something that would become a source of support for any Arizona family in need.  Today, AZA United serves hundreds of families every day across the valley in homes, schools and throughout the community, operating out of a single location in Phoenix.  

Achieving our mission requires being close to where families live, work, and attend school.  Three years ago, AZA United began developing a plan to expand service locations across the valley, and eventually across the state.  Last year, we announced a plan to open a new center in the East Valley.  Today, we are very excited to announce that we will soon be opening our first new center in the Mesa/Gilbert area to expand services for all East Valley families! 

AZA United's East Valley center will be a new hub for all-day interdisciplinary treatment in a setting that is optimized for children to learn, as well as interact with each other to develop social interaction skills.  The morning sessions will focus on early intervention treatment for young children, with programs combining Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with Speech and Feeding Therapy.  Although AZA United will continue to offer these important services in-home for individual care, having an additional center-based option at the new center will allow us to serve more children and support a wider variety of needs and abilities.  In the afternoons, programs will be available to help older kids in need of speech, feeding, social or behavioral support.  

By establishing a physical presence in residential areas, we intend to significantly boost our home-based services as well, including Habilitation & Respite Care, for the many families throughout the East Valley that need our help now.  On weekends, we are looking forward to engaging the broader autism community with workshops, trainings, sibling events and social activities for families.  

The new East Valley center will be our first site with center-based programming.  The next phase of our expansion plan is to replicate this model in other parts of the valley, and to continue adding new programs and treatment services for different ages and needs as we grow.  Our long-term plan is to become a model of excellence for community organizations, offering comprehensive services for all ages across the state of Arizona.

On behalf of everyone here at Team AZA, we'd like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to the thousands of families, employees, donors, supporters, and partners that have helped us throughout this journey.  We promise to always uphold our commitment to this community, and above all, to helping families!

In the coming months we will be contacting families and supporters with more information about how to enroll for services, as well as to announce the grand opening and open house events.  In the meantime, contact us if you are interested in contributing to this effort or learning more about our plans.  Thank you again for your support!

Arizona Autism United (AZA United)