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Prayer of the Month
For the Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur

O my God, the soul You have placed within  me is pure. You created it,
You formed it, You breathed it within me, You guard it within me, You will take it from me in the future and will restore it in the future- to- come. 

As long as the soul is within me I thankfully acknowledge You,
O Lord my God and God of my fathers, Master of all deeds, Lord of all souls. 
Blessed are You, Oh Lord, who restores souls to the dead. 

From:  The Talmud


For Samhain and the turning towards the Winter Months 


I sing the hearth-song
of my soul, 
note of love,

note of light, note of life, 

attune my winter-wakening soul.

Preserve my soul in wisdom: may it sing forth with the clearness of the
Winter Sun.

I waken my soul at the harp of harmony: chord of grace, chord of gladness, chord of glory,
beautify my being,
awaken my heart,
inspire my soul. 

The chorus of peace preserve my soul
this day of hard Winter.

I kindle my soul at the heart fire of Winter,
warmth of welcome, warmth of working, warmth of nurture, be upon my lips, my hands, my being this winter's day till Winter's night.

Caitlin Matthews
From Celtic Devotional Daily Prayers and Blessings, 
What our
Students Say

My seminary experience with the International Seminary for Interfaith Studies, now NVIS, is changing my life. 


As a Second Year Student

I am finding the program challenging, engaging and powerful. I am learning what it means to look at things "as a Minister".


Mantra of the Month


"I breathe Light within me
Light without me
All my Being is Light"


Rev. Deborah Steen Ross
Quote of the Month


"Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!"

Distance Learning 

The distance learning version of many previously recorded ISIS Electives are available. Go to the NVIS Website for more information and to download a registration form.
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May the blessings of the turning season be with you.


Rev. Deb Ross and Rabbi Roger Ross

Announcing ... 
The new name of the Seminary has been chosen and we can now talk about it and use it, AND IT IS.....(may I have a drum roll please....)  

New Vision Interspiritual Seminary 


Thank you Rev. Stephanie Dowrick  from Down Under for your suggestion, to the others that came close, and  to all of you who so generously gave of your ideas and names. All of the names were considered, prayed over, and we are SO grateful for your input and your ideas. 
We are using NVIS for short.

The website is www.NewVisionSeminary.org, and is under transformation at the present time,  and the email is  NVISeminary@gmail.com. Please update our contact information in your email program.

In thinking about this time of year, it occurs to me that the waning of the year, the return to the dark and cold time, here in the Northern Hemisphere, is the time of the New Year for certain peoples and religions.  Jews, Hindus and Pagans all see this time of year as a time of renewal, connecting with or welcoming  the ancestors and a time of new beginnings.

For the Celtic people and the pagans of the north, this time of Samhain ( pronounced Sow-wen), which falls on the day before and the day of Halloween, was a time for getting in the last of the harvest and preparing the home for the coming cold months. Any harvest that was not gathered in by October 31, was left in the fields for the fairy folk and to ensure a good new year. This is the time when the veils between the worlds are thinnest and the spirits of the dead are more easily accessible. Candies and sweets are put out for the dead and for the living.

In the Jewish tradition, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are celebrated in September or October, 10 days apart,  and it is the only time during the year when the Divine Book of Life is opened (on Rosh Hashanah - New Year) and closed again (on Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement) when the book of Life is sealed for another year. Ancestors and family members who have passed during  this year are remembered. Sweet foods are eaten, apples are dipped in honey for a 'sweet New Year.'

Diwali, the Hindu New Year is also in the fall, between October and November, and is celebrated with Light. Al the family members bathe and dress before praying around the Agni [a fire to symbolize the god of fire] for a prosperous year to come. Sweet food is consumed in sometimes huge quantities and families gather together for meals and for prayers, and to remember their ancestors.

Rabbi Roger and I wish you all the sweetest of New Years', no matter what your tradition!

Many Blessings,
Dean Deb
Alan Sheets
NVIS November Elective   
The Physical Expressions of the Soul - The Way of Embodied Spirituality

Developed and taught by Alan Sheets, co-founder of New Equations.

What's your 'Soultype'?

  • Discover the nine aspects of human spirituality, or soultypes, which can be accessed through your body
  • Enhance each of these aspects through a physical practice
  • Identify which of the nine portals is your dominant one. Your dominant portal has its own specific gift which you bring to the world.
  • Learn to become more spiritually aligned with yourself, which will enable you to be more fully present for others.
During this workshop you will begin opening your nine portals by using a combination of New Equations Body Resonant Music™, photos, movement and insights into the wisdom that each portal brings to you. Activating these portals supports your body's physical and spiritual alignment.  This leads you to dynamic peacefulness which creates oneness with the universe, allowing you to evolve in the present moment. You will be able to experience how your body responds and changes through this practice.

In 1994 Alan Sheets, cofounder of New Equations, made a discovery which is a path to embodied spirituality through the body's nine portals (subtle energy centers). Since this discovery, Alan has devoted his life to exploring this phenomenon.  His skills as a research scientist, a Feldenkrais practitioner, and his black belt in Aikido formed the basis of the rediscovery of this ancient Egyptian wisdom. He works with an international team of New Equations Certified Teachers to research and continue to develop this work.


Friday, November 21                                7 - 9pm          FREE
Two day workshop:
Saturday & Sunday, November 22-23 10am-5pm      $200 

Electives are open to the public. Electives held at the New Vision Space in Elmsford, NY. Location given with registration.

Click here  
for more info and to Register.

Accepting Proposals

We are always accepting proposals for Electives  The topics should relate to Religion or Spirituality, or "tools" for ministers to add to their ministries.  For more information or to submit a proposal, please contact us at NVISeminary@gmail.com


If there is something that you are excited to teach, Let us know!!


Learn new Interspiritual tools that we are now teaching at
New Vision Interspiritual Seminary to
help Shift the Consciousness of Our World. This is the 
New Paradigm of Interfaith/Interspiritual Understanding that is expanding the horizons of our Ministers, and sets us apart from all other Seminaries. 


The Earth and everything on Her is changing at a very rapid rate. Are you feeling this change? Are you ready to change with it? How can you minister to others, and to the Earth herself, from this new perspective, one of energy, not fear?  How can you stay grounded and steady as everything appears to shift around you?  What additional tools will you need?


The Bridge Program is designed for the Interfaith Minister who wishes to expand what they already learned in seminary. This includes the movement towards Oneness, towards what it means to become a Universal Human, and what it means to step into the energy of his/her Higher Self.


Are you ready to take your ministry into the next level and phase of this  new energy? We invite you to Join Us.


In a powerful and experiential one day workshop  with Rev. Deborah Steen Ross, Director of New Vision Interspiritual Seminary, you will learn the tools to add to your ministerial skills and give you the information you will need to help shift the consciousness of our world. Upon completion of this class, we will also be offering Ordination into our organization and reassignment to the ICI [Interfaith Community International], our ordaining body. 


Fee: $450 includes Ordination and Optional Re-Assignment to ICI 

Registration Fee: $75  


Call or email to Register Now for Spring Program. Dates TBA

Contact : Rev. Deb Ross at 914-345-2043. 

Emails : NVISeminary@gmail.com  oDeanDebNY@aol.com

Applications for Class of 2017 Accepted Beginning
January 1, 2015

Applications for admission to the Class of 2016 are now closed. 

If you or someone you know, is eager to explore Interfaith /Interspirituality from a new perspective of Universal Humanity, our program could be a great fit for you.

We are looking for confident, spiritually connected adults, from Spiritually Awake Millennials to Boomers looking for a new career, and who wish to make a difference in the new emerging world. 

We invite you to join us as an attending or distance learner for an exciting new paradigm in Interspiritual Understanding. All classes are Live Streamed.

For more information, visit us online, or call us at 914-345-2043.
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