P R E S S R E L E A S E 
April 19, 2019

Announcing our brilliant 2018 Award Winners
Plus excerpts from the 2018 Special Honors Books!
Dear Friends of Nautilus, 
We are honored and excited to announce an abundance of our excellent 2018 Nautilus Award-winning Better Books for a Better World!  

First of all, we share gratitude to all the Authors and Publishers who have sent their entries this season to the Nautilus program, from around the world. We appreciate all you have done to write and produce these fine books and send them out into the world. You are an integral part of the fiery pulse that this program is radiating into the world, and we thank you. 

It is with deep joy that we share brief excerpts from the five books that have garnered this year's Nautilus Special Honors.  We then present to you the full list of Award Winners in all categories. May the messages of these books breathe outward through many readers and many lands!