Announcing the
Community Awareness Committee's
Community Advocate Spotlight on.....

Eileen Scates
Scates Realty and Investment Properties, Clermont
Each month the Community Awareness Committee recognizes an Association member who regularly volunteers their time in our community. For the month of March we are spotlighting Eileen Scates who volunteers with many organizations.

It’s fortunate that Eileen Scates is a patient person. It took a veteran with PTSD 6 months to open up to her, and now this military vet is not only healing, she is buying her first home, going to school and even taking yoga classes to better her well-being.

Eileen confesses that she wasn’t always this patient, but volunteering has changed her. She jokes that her business makes her “mean”, and volunteering helps her reconnect with her heart and soul.  It has also made her better at multi-tasking, time-blocking, keeping her cool and accepting the things she cannot change. That last one is a big one.  She is quick to mention that while a lot is at stake when organizing an event or fundraiser, you can’t control everything, so keep your outbursts to yourself….no one would know it wasn’t planned.  She has also learned that “No” is a full sentence, and how important it is to realize that you can’t help everyone…..they need to want the help.

This wisdom is probably what has allowed Eileen to accomplish so much without suffering burnout which can happen to people who have a big heart and want to help others. But big hearts change the world, so it’s important that volunteers find balance in giving so they can continue to make a difference. Obviously Eileen has, and this delicate balance between work, family and volunteerism has not only changed lives and helped her grow personally, it has also brought her family closer.

Whether working to support an animal shelter or organizing a childhood cancer benefit, her family often joins her. Her children have learned to make service part of who they are since a young age. She has many public servants and veterans in her family, so she has seen time and time again how one person can change lives. Eileen says “ It is such a warm feeling to watch from the sidelines and witness what a group of volunteers make happen, even more so when you see the young helping the old automatically. It brings the faith to humanity back.”

Eileen and her family work with multiple organizations including the Boys and Girls Club, Kiwanis, New Beginnings, St. Jude, Wreaths Across America, The American Legion (she is the current Auxiliary President 2018-2020), the Prayer Shawl Ministry, and the Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation. Her family was profoundly changed by a childhood cancer scare, and several of her family members were diagnosed with various forms of cancer. This inspired her to devote much of her time to various cancer foundations to honor the memory of those who have passed and to celebrate the lives of those who survived a life-changing diagnosis. The door to her office is even painted pink to bring awareness to breast cancer and other cancers which so many battle.

So what is her advice to others who are considering getting more involved in their community? Eileen believes it’s important to start with random acts of kindness. Serving isn’t about praise and acknowledgement. Be sincere and true, support what makes you happy and keep in mind that a simple smile or gesture can go a long way.  She feels that volunteering is a terrific way to connect with your community, your neighbors, your church and even your real estate customers since her work has allowed her to connect people with the things and the causes that matter to them most.

Eileen runs a very full-time real estate company and a Property Management company, but If she had more free time she would like to be on more of the boards of the organizations she is passionate about…..and there are many.

Eileen says volunteers are priceless, and we couldn’t agree more. Thank you for everything you do Eileen!

As REALTORS ® we are ambassadors to our community, and together we make a powerful difference! 

Thank you so much Eileen for everything you do for the community! You set a shining example for other members, and it is our honor to feature you and your work in this "Community Awareness Spotlight".  
Additional photos of Eileen volunteering within our community:
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