ATCA Icon Announcing the 
2012 ATCA Awards Winners
Thirty Individuals and Organizations
Honored for Contributions to Air Traffic Control

Awards Medal ATCA The Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) is pleased to announce its 2012 Award Winners. The goal of ATCA's awards program is to give special recognition to those persons and/or organizations engaged in the development, operation, or maintenance of the world-wide air traffic control system for outstanding achievement.
"Every year, we are honored to recognize the outstanding achievements of so many in the air traffic community," said Peter F. Dumont, President and CEO of ATCA. "Their contributions strengthen not only the association, but the ATC community as a whole. We are grateful to them for adding to the quality, safety, and efficiency of air traffic control."
The General E.R. Quesada Memorial Award
Glen Martin, Federal Aviation Administration

The George W. Kriske Memorial Award
Dave Ford, Ford Aviation Solutions

The William A. Parenteau Memorial Award
Robert J. Carr, Federal Aviation Administration

The Andy Pitas Memorial Award
Steven Bruce, Robinson Aviation, Inc.
Brian Graham, Federal Aviation Administration
Eric Leygues, NAV CANADA

The Earl F. Ward Memorial Award
Eagle Control Tower, Serco
Kandahar ATC Tower, RAPCON & Airfield Management, Midwest ATC Service, Inc.

The ATCA Industrial Award
Lockheed Martin

The ATCA Small & Disadvantaged Business Award

The Charles E. Varnell Memorial Award for Small Business
B3 Solutions, LLC

The ATCA Air Traffic Control Specialist of the Year Award
John Blakeney, Robinson Aviation, Inc.

Lingiam Odems Memorial Award for Air Traffic Control Specialist of the Military
AC1. Megan Bench, U.S. Navy
SSgt. Jamerson Watts, U.S. Air Force
SSgt. Raul Desantiago, U.S. Marine Corps
WO1. Jaclyn Ciffra, National Guard

ATCA Airway Transportation Systems Specialist of the Year Award
Kevin Bittinger, Federal Aviation Administration
SSgt. Dale Elder, U.S. Marine Corps
ET2. Nathan Williams, U.S. Navy

ATCA Life Cycle Management Award
The David J. Hurley Memorial Award for Aviation Traffic Management
Ellen King, Federal Aviation Administration

The Chairman's Citation of Merit Award
Army PM Air Traffic Control - Fixed Base ATC Team, U.S. Army
Michael Bendixen, Federal Aviation Administration
Fred Gibbs, ARC Group
Franklin Hatfield, Federal Aviation Administration
Suzette Matthews, Washington Progress Group
Sgt. Travis Schlumpberger, U.S. Marine Corps
Steve Vail, Mosaic ATM

The ATCA President's Citation
Rick Ducharme, Federal Aviation Administration

Join us Monday, October 1, 2012 during the ATCA 57th Annual Conference & Exposition's Awards Luncheon to recognize the hard work of these recipients. Lunch is included with full conference registration; however, individual tickets are also available. To purchase tickets, email Brian Courter or call 703-299-2430 x311. For more information on the Annual, visit A formal press release of award recipients can be found at
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