January 24, 2022
BRISTON BLAZE Bristol began his show career on the Pennsylvania AHA show circuit in 2008 as a yearling. Currently, he showcases the versatility of the Arabian breed through ranch sorting, team penning, and Cowboy mounted shooting events. Bristol has earned OEIP high point awards for all three disciplines multiple times and has earned over 100 points within this program. Bristol is truly a talented performance horse that represents the versatility of the Arabian breed.
TRADE SECRET CC+// Phil has been quite the inspiration for many people who show Dressage on the open circuit. He is also one of the few purebred Arabians with an official USEF Dressage Pony Card. He is recognized as “Phil the pony” around the barn. 

A few of the titles Phil has earned are the 2016 National Champion High Score Year End for 2nd Level in the Adult Amateur Division and the 2018 National Champion High Score Year End Award for 3rd Level. Phil earned his Bronze medal for USDF within 15 months and is a 3 time USDF Dover Medal winner.
JAG KALICO KID+// Kid has found great success showing at the National and Regional Level. However, he is most known for introducing adults and children to the world of Arabian horses. Kid has been showcased in various public appearances and has been used to teach 4-h participants the proper way to judge the Arabian breed.

In 2019, Kid was invited to Breyerfest's 30th Anniversary to represent the Arabian breed. In 2018, Kid participated in the MentorMe Youth Program, where he greeted children during a meet and greet. Kid has excelled in multiple disciplines to represent the versatility and hard work ethic of the breed. 
INTENTIONALLY ADIRA +/ At only 8 years of age, Lilly may be one of our youngest Ambassador Award winners, but she has already proven herself as a great representative of the Arabian breed.

Lilly has amassed multiple National titles and Regional top fives, but she has made the most meaningful impact through her training in the Drapery Sensory Method. This therapy method helps people suffering from various anxiety disorders. Lilly continues to use her gentle disposition and her Arabian beauty to not only be used as a therapy horse, but to bring comfort to residents in the local community.
Competition Recognition Awards
The Ambassador Award, Open Competition Award, and Distance Horse of the Year Award are designed to recognize Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian horses that excel outside of AHA. Horses nominated by the deadline are chosen by the AHA Awards Committee at the Annual Convention each year.
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