TAM Awards 2022
TAM is pleased to announce the following awards that were presented at the 2022 Annual Conference on February 25, 2022.
Susanne C. Adams Award
The TAM Awards Committee chose Ben DeVries to receive the Susanne C. Adams Award this year. Regrettably, it was a posthumous presentation, as Ben passed away on October 24, 2021.

Spirit of TAM Award
The 2022 Spirit of TAM Award was presented to Danette Ross Watson for outstanding and innovative service to TAM and her community. Danette embodies the spirit of TAM through her creativity, insightfulness, professionalism, commitment, and enthusiasm. She is the creator and host of the monthly TAM Talks and founder of the West Texas Community Mediation Center.

TAM Rising Star
Kimble Steadman is the first recipient of the TAM Rising Star award.

TAM introduced this award to recognize a current TAM member who, even though relatively new to mediation, is already having a significant positive impact on the mediation community. A TAM Rising Star is the kind of person who “jumps in with both feet” – someone who volunteers to do whatever he or she can to help further TAM’s goals and to support the wider mediation community.

Volunteer Mediator of the Year
TAM recognizes the tremendous value of volunteer mediators and the critical role they play in the Texas mediation community. The Volunteer Mediator of the Year award is given annually to a mediator nominated by a Dispute Resolution Center or similar alternative dispute resolution organization in Texas. The 2022 recipient, Jim Guinn, was nominated by the Brazos Valley DRC.