Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

It is with pleasure that the Standing Committee announces the members of the Transition Committee for the 10th Bishop of Minnesota:

  • The Rev. Beth Royalty, Chair (Calvary, Rochester)
  • Ms. Maggie Nancarrow, Co-Chair (St. Matthew's, St. Paul) 
  • Mr. Benjamin Amundson (St. John the Evangelist, St. Paul) 
  • The Rev. Chris Beebe (St. John's, Mankato)
  • The Rev. Jackie Bernacchi (Episcopal Faith Communities of White Earth) 
  • The Rev. Judith DesHarnais (Messiah Episcopal Church, St. Paul) 
  • Ms. Denise Graber (St. Mark's, Minneapolis) 
  • Ms. Heidi Kim (Breck School, Golden Valley) 
  • Ms. Emma King (St. Columba's Episcopal Church, White Earth)
  • The Rev. Colin Maltbie (Shattuck-St. Mary's School, Faribault)
  • Mr. Leonard Slade (St. Stephen's, Edina)  
  • Ms. Minnie Steele (St. Mark's, Minneapolis) 
  • Ms. Lee Stewart (Spirit of the Wilderness, Grand Marais) 
  • Ms. Susan Travis (St. Mark's, Minneapolis) 
  • The Rev. Joy Caires, Chaplain (St. Clement's, St. Paul)

We are grateful for everyone who extended themselves for consideration to be members of this Committee.

We ask that the ECMN community pray for the Transition Committee: its work, its members, and its course over the next weeks and months.

Remember to check the bishop search website - - for information about the committees, process, updates, resources, and eventually the ECMN profile and the bishop search application. It will be updated regularly as the process unfolds.

The Rev. Debbie Brown, President
Ms. Laura Bathke, Vice President

The Rev. Devon Anderson
The Rev. Justin Chapman
Mr. Chris Commers
Ms. Sue Grove
The Rev. Siri Hustad
Ms. Julia New-Landrum
The Rev. Blair Pogue
Ms. Alexis Roy
The Rev. Ramona Scarpace
Mr. Rich Simons