Building A 21st Century Virginia GOP
Our promise to you, straight from our Mission statement:

"Ensure that there is a Republican candidate on the ballot for every office, in every district, in every election cycle."

The Virginia Project is getting it done.

A mere two weeks ago, 31 GOP House of Delegates nominations lacked any known candidate. Today, we are down to 12 races without candidates.

We are bringing that number to zero.

Every citizen of Virginia will have a Republican choice for state delegate on their ballot. This has never happened before, but in 2021 it will.

We're accountable to you, to not relent until the job is complete. You can track the progress of recruiting candidates for the House of Delegates, as well as the state of the three statewide races, on our 2021 Election Tracker.
Virginia Needs Delegates
Attention, Virginia citizens of good character:

The Commonwealth - and your country - need YOU to run for the HOUSE OF DELEGATES.

Or, if you cannot do so yourself, to help find those who are willing and able!

Please see our Election Tracker for the list of seats where we have no candidate. We keep this as up-to-date as possible with candidate commitments. There are a number of probable-but-unannounced candidates not listed on the roster.

Look up your district here:

Being a delegate is a part-time job. Becoming a state representative doesn't consume your whole life as full-time elected offices do!

You won't be alone! We will bend over backwards to get you everything you need to succeed and win. Keep reading...
Virginia Project Candidate Services
Announcing the Virginia Project Candidate Services Program!

The Democrats provide a host of support services for their candidates and campaigns through a network of party units and independent organizations.

It's time Republicans had the same.

And now we do.

Our Candidate Services Program is available at no cost to all Republican candidates. Just some of what we can offer:

  • Volunteer pipeline
  • Building your political network
  • Candidate training and orientation
  • IT support
  • Messaging support
  • Promotion support
  • Access to our Party Operations Portal research database
Whether you're a rookie or an experienced candidate, there's always something your campaign can use to make it more likely to succeed.
We're here to provide it. We will always be here for you - tell us your need and we will do everything we can to make it happen.
Thinking About Running?

Send us a note. We're here to answer your questions and help get you started. Together, we'll take back the Commonwealth.
The Virginia Project is 100% grassroots donor supported.
We have no large corporations or out of state money like the Democrats. We ask that you consider donating, as we work for victory in Virginia.

Thank you for being with us in this fight! We've got your back.

P.O. Box 26141
Alexandria, VA 22313
Ph: (703) 719-4353