Self-Directed Services Updates

New Software

We were listening, and we heard you! For more than five years we have partnered with Mains’l, our Self-Direction software, but based on your feedback we were inspired to evolve. 

You told us you needed simplicity; an overall enhanced user experience. You wanted improved support, time savings, and greater flexibility. And we wanted all of this, while improving accuracy and organization. Recently we saw a demonstration of a new Self-Direction software called ANNKISSAM (Ann-kizzam) and were amazed at how well it aligned with Springbrook’s expectations for excellence, and an improved user experience. 

Because we were so impressed with the functionality of the product, we have decided to replace Mains'l and will be launching Dignyfi, an Annkissam Product, for Springbrook!
The countdown begins! Coming May 2021 – the conversion from Mains’l to Dignyfi!

What Does Converting to Dignyfi Mean For You?
Very little! The ease of integration and simplicity of the software will make the transition a smooth one. None of your services will be affected by this change!

THANK YOU, for your confidence in our evolution, and for trusting Springbrook with your Self-Directed Services. Stay tuned for a series of important emails with instructions, tools, and resources. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your coordinator, or email with 
Kimberly Corbett, Director of Community Services