August 2019
Dale and Lisa Caudill Community Fund
Dale and Lisa Caudill have been active community members since moving to Steuben County 30 years ago. Lisa currently serves on the SCCF grants committee. At a recent committee meeting, she had a “lightbulb moment.” Lisa realized that the community foundation is a way to learn what the nonprofits are needing—from the perspective of an individual who wants to get involved. “Any person who wants to help can start a Donor Advised Fund at SCCF, and it opens up a huge door to the needs in our county. If they think, ‘I don’t know how to help, I don’t know what’s needed,’ then this gives them an answer.” In July of 2019, they established the Dale and Lisa Caudill Community Fund to do just that.

Dale and Lisa hope to use their Donor Advised Fund to support nonprofits that are providing crucial services and innovative programs for local community members. Individuals can establish donor advised funds through Steuben County Community Foundation to learn about upcoming local initiatives and support projects that benefit Steuben County. Donor advised funds are permanently invested, and the donors make recommendations for how to utilize the earnings to support community projects. Lisa shared, “We can’t do much about a lot of the world’s big problems. It can feel paralyzing to watch the news and feel helpless, but we’re certainly not helpless when it comes to concerns in Steuben County.”

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2020 Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship
Spread the word! Applications for the 2020 Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship are available now. This is a four-year, full tuition scholarship available for a graduating Steuben County senior to attend any Indiana public or private college or university, along with a $900 annual stipend for books, fees, and materials. See guidelines and download the application on our website at .
Meet the 2019-2020 FIST President
Isabell Deem will be a senior this year at Angola High School and is serving as the new president of Forever Improving Steuben County Together. FIST, a youth-led philanthropy organization, is supported by Steuben County Community Foundation. Isabell will lead members in 8 th -12 th grade from local schools to plan service projects, work with local nonprofit organizations, and review grant proposals. When asked about her hopes for the coming year, she stated, “I want to help inspire other members to lead, and to make the biggest impact that we can.”

Read the full interview here .
SCCF Annual Public Meeting
You're invited to join the Steuben County Community Foundation at our 2019 Annual Public Meeting. We'll share a recap of our year and distribute more than $300,000 of designated grant checks to nonprofits serving Steuben County. Our mission is to connect people who care with the needs that matter, so join us as we celebrate the puzzle pieces of Steuben County!

RSVP by August 21 at 260-665-6656 or click below to email.
Thank you to our donors!
The Community Foundation would like to thank the individuals, families, and organizations who generously made donations in July 2019 .  Your support is appreciated!
Donations can be made:
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Or brought into the office Monday through Friday 8:30 - 4:30
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Steuben County Nonprofits
SCCF publishes a monthly Nonprofit Newsletter with information about grants, fundraising, and upcoming trainings. Also, check out our nonprofit directory for a listing of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations serving Steuben County.
2019 Endowment Book
Click Here   to see a copy of the Endowment Funds administered by SCCF. Updated May 2019.

Notary Public
 The Steuben County Community Foundation has a Notary Public on staff.
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Philanthropy Quote of the Month:
"Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."
 -Desmond Tutu

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