Inspiring Generation of New Inventors Through Engagement
We are excited to announce the OFFICAL launch of the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame IGNITE Education and Community Outreach Program.

IGNITE is a trailblazing outreach program that teaches K-12 students how to be creative problem solvers, strategic thinkers, and innovators. It is designed to give students the knowledge and tools they need to cultivate an innovation mindset—and build life and career skills for their future.

The IGNITE Program harnesses the diverse expertise and experience of our remarkable Inductees to provide educational resources and community outreach opportunities. 

Upcoming Events
Join us for the IGNITE Launch Party at the Soaring City !p Innovation Gathering 2022!

October 27, 2022
4:30 - 7:30 PM

Location: AMROC FabLab
2138 University Mall, Tampa, FL 33612

Other News
Nominate an Inventor!
The nomination period is open through February 1, 2023.


Nominees must meet the following criteria and demonstrate service in their fields:

  • Must have a connection to Florida (past or present)
  • Must be a named inventor on a patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • The invention(s) should be significant to society as a whole
  • The invention(s) were commercialized, utilized, or led to important innovations
  • Must demonstrate leadership and service in respective field

Nominations can be submitted for inventors who are living or deceased. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame strongly encourages the nomination of inventors from communities that are underrepresented, including women, members of minority groups, and those with disabilities.