"Since the founding of Saint Hilary School, we endeavored to offer students a rigorous curriculum that challenges their hearts, minds and souls. To continue that tradition into the 21st Century we strive to offer immersive, adaptive, experiential, and creative learning opportunities that honor the students' unique needs. To meet this necessity, the creation of new space is imperative. This re-engineered space allows students to learn both the fundamentals of reading, writing and math while also embracing new innovative programs like robotics, coding and media literacy."

Marie Bordeleau, Principal

In the seven decades since the Sisters of the Holy Faith founded our beloved school, teaching methods and curriculum have evolved. We now know that interactive, problem-solving, project-based learning creates more successful students than the auditory, note taking, and memorization methods from years past. Our current building impedes our ability to deliver a 21st Century education!

With parent leaders, school administrators and educational experts, we have designed a transformed building to deliver our high achievement learning programs by making physical modifications to our existing footprint. Our goal is to re-imagine the effectiveness of our existing real estate and turn it into an open, flexible space that expands and contracts based on the curriculum and lesson plans of the day.

Saint Hilary is prepared to make a landmark investment in this major facilities transformation to create a visionary innovative learning environment for our children.

This is an exciting time for Saint Hilary School!
21st Century Campus
Saint Hilary's vision transforms the existing front footprint of the school to create a new expansive learning area consisting of:

  • Learning, Language and Media Center (library)
  • Performing Arts Theater
  • Makerspace
  • Specialized Learning Resource Room
  • Front Reception Area

The new spaces will have modular glass walls and doors, movable bookcases and furniture, sound proof study pods, new fixtures, ample storage, natural light and enhanced security.

This means our faculty will advance innovative programs, teach to varied learning styles, and improve student engagement and retention.

Our students will benefit by creating spaces that allow them to develop the skills that are necessary to thrive in today's changing educational and workplace environment.
Please join us for a Special Town Hall Meeting
Join us for an informative Town Hall meeting to learn more about our vision for the Saint Hilary School and the Secure Their Future campaign. Get a sneak peak of the architectural designs and renderings of the new space and the physical 3D model developed by our seventh grade students!

When: Monday April 15th
Time: 6:30 pm
Where: Tarantino Hall

Free Babysitting available in the Library by the GetSome GiveSome club.
Join us as we build upon the vision our founders created over 50 years ago by delivering a Future Ready Catholic education for today and tomorrow!