Announcing the Fall 2022 Hammer-In!
  Fall Hammer-In at The Ashokan Center
September 23-25, 2022 Olivebridge, NY
This is a dual event with the New England Bladesmith Guild. Register separately to participate in their program.
Many of you may have met Leonid Karelshteyn at our Hammer-Ins over the years. He has been producing architectural ironwork in the US for over a decade and has an impressive resume. Leonid’s metalworking career began in the early 1980s in Kiev, Ukraine, where he studied engraving and toolmaking. After his studies, he worked on gates, fences, balconies, etc., in a 5 year project to restore the historic center city of Kiev and later, did a 1 year internship in Germany. After that, he moved to Moscow, where he produced large and small projects, from locks to gates and stairways in a number of cooperative shops. He was a member of the Russian as well as the Ukrainian Union of Blacksmiths, and was on the board of the Moscow Creative Union of Artist Blacksmiths.  
For the weekend demo. Leonid plans to work on a variety of decorative elements and methods of joinery with tenons and collars, showing process and tooling.
As the weekend progresses, these elements will be combined and assembled into a chair of modern design. See more photos of Leonid’s work on Facebook and on our group website.This will be a rare opportunity to see a European master of architectural forms at work! Don’t miss this weekend!
Fun for the whole family!
Our popular Teaching Program provides an opportunity to learn and practice basic forging skills in a safe and well supervised environment. Five working forges and ten forging stations will provide a memorable hands-on experience and an opportunity to bring home a hand made project. Details HERE
Tailgaters welcome!Tool and equipment vendors are welcome to "tailgate" their wares at no additional charge. There will also be a fun tool and equipment raffle on Saturday, and a gallery to showcase your latest and greatest work! Visit our website to view a detailed weekend Schedule
Bunkhouse lodging, camping, and meals are available for those traveling from afar. Private room options are also available. Reply to this message for pricing and reservations.
View the Ashokan Center Facility and Lodging options here.
  • $60 Demo, all day beverages.
  • $85 Demo and lunch
  • $125 Demo, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • $135 Demo, lunch Saturday and Sunday
  • $280 Demo, Weekend pkg, six meals, two nights lodging
*$30 discounted price for students and children
Payment Options:
Pre-registration and advance payment is required! Please register on-line before September 17th to save a late registration fee! Full refunds are available if you cancel by September 17th.
  • Credit Card via Paypal
  • Mail check
Pay at the door is not an option!
See all options at REGISTER HERE
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Northeast Blacksmiths Assn. Spring Hammer-In
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