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Announcing the TBH Certificate in Memory Improvement: 
TBH ACADEMY Offers New Continuing Ed Course in Memory Improvement Science

Montclair NJ - October 11, 2016. TBH Academy, the professional development arm of Total Brain Health, is pleased to announce the addition of the new TBH Certificate in Memory Improvement course for professionals. The course provides professionals with a deeper understanding of the cutting edge science behind memory and everyday cognitive performance, perhaps the aspect of cognitive wellness of greatest concern to most American adults over 50. 

Total Brain Health (TBH), a leading provider of brain health training programs and services, was founded by Dr. Cynthia Green, renowned brain health expert and author. The mission of TBH is to help adults age successfully by providing social-based cognitive fitness programs that span the body, mind and spirit pillars of wellness. The new course, offered online via live webinar, covers topics such as the processes of learning and memory, the science behind forgetting, the impact of lifestyle interventions on improved memory outcomes, and the evidence for memory strategies in everyday function. 

"We've introduced this professional-facing certificate course to help those working with adults over 50 gain an understanding of the tools available to promote cognitive wellness and memory," says Dr. Cynthia Green. "By teaching professionals about effective cognitive interventions and practical memory techniques, we can help them educate their clients with practical information that can help them to stay engaged and vital for longer." 

"We are committed to development courses like the TBH Certificate in Memory Improvement to enhance the everyday services provided by professionals in the active aging sector," says TBH COO Melissa Engel. "By providing a high-level education around practical interventions for improved memory effectiveness, we empower staff and team leaders with a wellness background in brain health that can help them exceed client expectations." 
In addition to Certificate Courses for professionals, Total Brain Health also offers a suite of ready-made social-based brain training programs, TBH Toolkits, that are designed to be led by professionals who want to teach clients what to do to stay brain healthy. These activities-based, multi-week courses are fully scripted to ensure quality of in-class training and are complete with step-by-step group challenges and resources that engage and motivate students of all ages. 

To find out more about Total Brain Health Academy courses or TBH Toolkits, please contact Aimee Ruiz, Marketing Manager, at 973-655-0422. Or, visit us at or

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Total Brain Health is a leading provider of social-based brain fitness training in the United States. Founded by renowned brain health expert and author Dr. Cynthia Green, Total Brain Health occupies  a special niche in the brain fitness market by offering memory and brain health programming, including The TBH Toolkits, a line of brain fitness programs for active aging settings, as well as marketing, consultation services and certification training for qualified professionals.  For more information about Total Brain Health, call 973-655-0422 or visit