Bar Creates Well-Being Committee in Response to Task Force Recommendations
The Utah Task Force on Lawyer and Judge Well-Being has released its report, Creating a Well-Being Movement in the Utah Legal Community. In the report, the Task Force defines well-being, examines data on the health of legal professionals, and provides recommendations for lawyers, judges, regulators, legal employers, law schools, and the Utah State Bar. The Task Force invites you to read the report , to consider the importance of well-being to a thriving practice, and to use your leadership to help create a foundation of well-being for all of Utah’s legal professionals. 

In response to the Task Force’s call to action, the Bar has created the Well-Being Committee for the Legal Profession (WCLP). The WCLP is co-chaired by Utah Supreme Court Justice Paige Petersen and Utah State Bar President Dickson Burton. Committee members include Wendy Archibald, John Baldwin, Jeremy Christensen, Robert Denny, Kathy DuPont, Dr. Kim Free, Dr. Valerie Hale, Dani Hawkes, Honorable Kim Hornack, Honorable Elizabeth Hruby-Mills, Leilani Marshall, Cassie Medura, Brooke Millard, Sean Morris, Andrew Morse, Dr. Cliff Rosky, Jamie Sorenson, Kara Southard, Cara Tangaro, and Dr. Matt Thiese. Martha Knudson has been appointed Executive Director. 

Ms. Knudson is an attorney, educator, and specialist in the field of applied positive psychology. She practiced law for 18 years, first as a litigator in private practice and later as the general counsel of a national real-estate management company. While still practicing she obtained a masters in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania where, in addition to her work with the WCLP, she now serves as a member of the graduate program’s teaching staff.  

Look for well-being tips and tools from the WCLP in upcoming issues of both the eBulletin and the Bar Journal. And make sure to listen to the inaugural WCLP podcast here.