Dear Friends,

The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts has selected its Annual Sustainable Business of the Year Award winners. There were many nominations received and it is clear that Massachusetts is blessed with a large number of extraordinary businesses that merit recognition and have earned this honor. Please note: more winners will be announced very soon! The Awards will be given at the annual Sustainable Business of the Year Awards Celebration at WBUR's CitySpace on Thursday evening, March 26.

And the 2020 Award Winners are. . .
Eastern Massachusetts
Founder: Ellie Tiglao

Cambridge Naturals
Founders: Elizabeth Stagl and Michael Kanter
Gentle Giant
Moving Company
Founder and CEO: Larry O'Toole
Brazo Fuerte
Artisanal Beer
Founder: Beverly Armstrong
Central Massachusetts
World Farmers Flats Mentor Farm
Executive Director and Co-Founder: Maria Moreira
Western Massachusetts
Barstow's Longview Farm
Run for generations by the Barstow Family
More Winners to be Announced soon.
Stay Tuned!

Join us in celebrating incredible local, green, and fair businesses across Massachusetts

Thursday, March 26, 2020
6:30-9:30 pm 
WBUR's CitySpace

Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts
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