Dear Storm'ers, 
Hope that you've had a glorious summer - we're happy to be in touch with you again!   We're even more happy to be reporting that the launch of the 18th annual Storm the Trent adventure race is ready to be formally announced.  Registration for the May 25-26 race weekend is now open!
And in case you were wondering, the answer is YES - we are most definitely returning to our newest host site in the Village of Haliburton.  However, the answer is NO if you're wondering if the racecourse will be the same as it was back in May!  We have been working on all-new course designs for all three of the Hike, Trek and Trek Elite events throughout the summer months, and we're pretty damn pleased with what's come together!  All event details have now been updated at   
New Course Designs!   
Yup, we've re-built each of the three racecourses from the ground up such that your 2019 STT experience will be entirely new!  Expect to explore some fantastic terrain and to discover some stunning viewscapes on this one (along with the standard levels of mud and muck you've come to know and love from your favourite springtime adventure race!)   
Further details will be unveiled in the months to come, but just to give you a taste of what to expect, the tentative breakdown of distances per discipline for each event are as follows:
27km bike, 6km run, 8km paddle
39km bike, 9km run, 8km paddle
55km bike, 14km run, 8km paddle
*NOTE* these figures represent the approximate total length of each discipline - each may be broken up into multiple stages (ie. they will not necessarily occur in the order listed here)  
As always, please feel free to contact us at should you have any questions.   More details coming soon!

Your Storm Racing Team     
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