The UK covid nutritonal intervention study

At last - The UK's first and the World's largest covid-19 nutritional intervention study has started in Bedfordshire, following successful scientific, peer reviewed and ethical approval from the MHRA and IRAS committees.
In a double blind randomised design, it is investigating whether a specifically designed lactobacillus probiotic plus a phytochemical rich food capsule could shorten the duration and severity of symptoms caused by a covid-19 infection. 
The hypothesis stems from the observation that people with pre-existing health conditions or who are overweight are more vulnerable. One explanation for this is a pre-existing poor gut health which could lead to a pro-inflammatory state. The probiotics and concentrated foods have been selected for this study because they are safe and have reported to improving gut health, restoring inflammatory and oxidative balance and have reported direct anti-viral properties. 

More information can be read on the trials website:

The national scientific committee have expressed their gratitude to Yourgut+ for designing, manufacturing and supplying the probiotic free of charge for this study. 

Please forward this email on to anyone, who you feel may be interested in this study.


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