What we're sharing today
  • The names of the winners and their designs for the ZeroThreshold Design Competition.

  • The link to the livestream of the awards event, including the panelist discussion, the amazing keynote by Chris Downey, and the announcement of the winners (including comments from some)!

  • A brief mention of what's next.
The Winners of the ZeroThreshold
Design Competition
There were many amazing designs submitted by passionate and talented people from all over the world. We can’t say thank you enough to the architects and designers for investing their time, talent, and treasure into this competition. YOU are making a difference. And it is because of the quality of your vision, your energy, and your goodness that we are going to create a better barrier-free world. This may have started as a competition – but we are on a journey that is so much more.

With that said, the jury invested over eight hours reviewing the designs and making the hard choices to identify who we would give the highest honors and awards to. The designs they chose to highlight are below.
Honorable Mention: Best Planning Project AND McGregor Home's People's Choice: The Link
Congratulations to the team of Dahlin Group Architecture and Planning in CA.

The jury felt the design was well researched and buildable. They appreciated the approach to creating an intergenerational community and that it got all of us thinking that one solution to accessibility might be changing the way we live.

The Link featured a selection of specially designed homes around a central shared space, with greenhouse and other features.

Each of the homes were designed to the different needs and lifestyles of a mixed community – from the single college student to the young family to the single retired senior.

Nearly 70 people from the preview exhibit at McGregor Home in August voted for this design as their favorite.
Best Overall Student Design AND Innovative Accessory Dwelling Concept : InBTwin

Students from the University of Trento in Italy, won $2,000 for this innovative design. InBTwin proposed using the space between homes to create a shared accessory dwelling space with ramp and lift systems. The spaces could be used for greenhouses, dining, or other activities. This also created the opportunity to turn two homes into multi-family units.

In addition to the best student design, the jurors felt the promise of the design and the overall concept was worthy for consideration in the professional category for Best Accessory Dwelling.
Most Innovative Interior Architecture : All Access Home

While "Interior Architecture" was not initially a category, the design details and innovation of the All Access Home caught the jurors' attention. The integration of ramping throughout the home, the focus on details and the activity of daily living (from cubbies for storage to an innovative solution for taking out the trash) made the design stand out. The use of differing elevations within the home also created opportunities for wheelchair users to experience different perspectives and eye levels when interacting with others. These are changes in perspective that those who can easily vary their stance height might take for granted. Julia McMorrough, an Associate Professor at Taubman College in MI won $3,000 for her design.
The Evening's Favorite:
 Carson's Home
Nearly 200 attendees at the awards event reviewed the designs and voted on their favorite. Their pick was Carson's Home by Trevor Kinnard, who had traveled with his family from WI to Cleveland just for the event. The design was a case study on a home for Kinnard's brother who experienced a traumatic brain injury nearly 18 years ago. It left Carson with limited mobility and independence. The design promotes movement and exploration throughout the home and features a special interactive display wall, which Carson could use for his shoe collection - but could be enjoyed by anyone!
Best Hybrid Design AND Grand Prize Winner: Side By Side
Brandt : Haferd of NY, NY won the award for Best Hybrid Design and the overall Grand Prize for Best Design, totaling $10,000. Jerome Haferd, a native Ohioan, was in attendance to accept the award.

Side By Side was a unique design that explored an intermix of public and private spaces. Prominent features included a public promenade, an integrated ramped garden, a roof top garden and a mix of private living and communal spaces in a home connected through a central double decker lift.

The jury felt the board presentation and the designers use of a highly detailed model, was playful and accessible. The solutions themselves we’re interesting and took an innovative look at how you might address the real complications and limitation of making an existing two-story home accessible.

Throughout the review of the competition, the jury was struck by how many of the designers, Brandt and Haferd included, incorporated a component of community into their designs. It’s a critical issue. There is a clear connection between lack of accessibility and social isolation. The fact that so many designers created the same connection is very promising indeed!
Checkout the Livestream from the Sept 19 Awards Event!
We begin with an AMAZING video right around the 0:12:00 mark
Stay tuned for more updates about what's coming next! From developing one or more designs for build to displaying the ZeroThreshold designs throughout the city - and more!

Do you have an idea of where we should exhibit the designs? Email us at info@ncch.org.

Lastly, one more thank you to our generous sponsors and friends.