With your support, the Temple of Understanding has continued our work educating about values and applying them to environmental efforts at the United Nations.  We have collaborated with other organizations, many of which are also coalitions, because working together is the way forward.  We're proud to add value, and to emphasis values, to groups such as the Women's Major Group ( http://www.womenmajorgroup.org ) at the United Nations, where we assisted in the intersection of women's rights and the human right to water. With the Mining Working Group, we pushed for that HUMAN right to water, as corporate control does not keep people's needs in the center.  

This year, we lost our stalwart leader Sister Joan Kirby, and we will carry on the work that inspired her. Her summer intern program is going strong under new leadership, encouraging youth leadership that's essential for our vibrant future. Images from last year's program are online ( http://templeofunderstanding.tumblr.com )  and applications for 2016 are due by February 15th.
We know that work towards ensuring clean water, appropriate sustainable energy technology, and decent foods are all parts of making peace and creating justice.  We know that women's rights are human rights and benefit entire families, entire communities and our globe.  And communities of faith, all faiths and interfaith, are needed to stand for the environmental and social justice our times require of us.

With your support, we created powerful programs for the Parliament of World's Religions, bringing Dr. Vandana Shiva and Starhawk, together with Grove Harris, to speak about seed freedom, permaculture and rebuilding community resilience.  We also brought a panel of diverse colleagues doing spiritually based work at the United Nations, in our efforts to make the UN more accessible to those wishing to raise their concerns in this international venue.

Our move to the Church Center at the UN has brought us closer to colleagues and streamlined our organization; in the coming year we will keep you informed as we continue to raise our voice at the United Nations and through networks of faith communities, activists, and thought leaders. Your support means the world to us. Now more than ever the world needs the love and radical welcome for which all of our religious traditions call.
Your generous gift of any amount will help us tremendously in the year to come.  Please send a check to:
Temple of Understanding
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Bright blessings in this holiday season.
The UN Representatives from the Temple of Understanding


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