Dear Neighbors,

You should have recently received your 2019 annual assessment from the Homeland Association. I wanted to make you aware of a mistake in how we categorized a portion of your assessment and to provide you with a few options to correct the issue, if you choose. You do not need to take any action if you planned to pay all of your Association dues and fees - as 92% of your neighbors did last year - because the overall calculations are correct.

Here is what happened: the annual assessment is made up of five separate charges: (1) maintenance charge, (2) household Association fee, (3) square footage Association fee, (4) voluntary contribution, and (5) security fund. The issue at hand involves the maintenance charge and the household Association fee. Both are "required" fees for different reasons. The maintenance charge is required by the Deed and Agreement for all properties in the neighborhood, regardless of your involvement with the neighborhood association. The household Association fee is required if you want to be a member in good standing with the neighborhood association - giving you access to neighborhood-sponsored events, voting at the annual meeting, etc.

Typically the two Association fees (household Association fee and square footage Association fee) are combined on your assessment. This year the household Association fee was inadvertently combined with the maintenance charge instead. This was a mistake. No malice was intended. If you would like a revised invoice for your records, here are your options:

(1) RECEIVE A NEW INVOICE BY EMAIL: email with your name and home address to receive a new electronic invoice.

(2) CORRECT YOUR OWN INVOICE: The household Association fee for 2019 is $111.23. Subtract this amount from the "Annual Maintenance Charge" box and add this amount to the "Association Dues" box. The "Subtotal (Membership Cost)" section will remain the same, as will the "Total Annual Assessment" amount.

(3) RECEIVE A NEW INVOICE BY MAIL: email with your name and home address to receive a new paper invoice.

On behalf of the Association Board of Directors, I apologize for the mistake.

Your neighbor,

Brian Hammock
Homeland Association, Inc.
5603 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21210