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Everything you need to make your garden grow!
Start your Amaryllis Bulbs soon.

Amaryllis Bulbs Galore

 30 plus varieties of Amaryllis bulbs,
Hyacinth and Paper White bulbs too.
We have single bulbs, boxed kits for gift giving and pre-planted options.  
Start them soon for holiday blooming.
Winter Protection
Winter Protection for Our Trees and Shrubs

We all hate to think about it, but winter is coming soon.  That means we need
to think about protecting our trees and shrubs.  Broad leafed Evergreens such as Rhododendrons and Azaleas are especially susceptible to winter injury.  The best protection for these plants is to wrap them with burlap to prevent the harsh winds and sun from reaching the plants.  Wiltpruf can also be used but this product breaks down in the sun and will need to be reapplied in January and February.  
In addition, Vole damage has been severe the last few years on trees and shrubs.  Wrapping tree trunks with plastic collars and using a repellent such as Vole Scram can help reduce the damage from these rodents. 
 Winter injury of trees and shrubs is hard to predict but taking preventive measures now will help reduce your plant replacement costs in the spring.

Cyclamen - A  spark of color that lasts.
Select Cyclamens are on sale now -  3 for $10.00

Cyclamen are a great indoor plant - They give an easy 8 weeks of  COLOR in Pinks, Reds and Whites.

They are often grown outdoors in other climates that don't have our harsh winters. In your home, Cyclamen like to be a little on the cooler side with temperatures 55 - 60˚F and in direct light or bright indirect light.

While in bloom, feed the plants every two weeks. Be sure to allow plants to dry between waterings.  Remove yellow leaves and spent flowers.  This is a great special to give away or enjoy yourself! 

Overwintering Tropicals

Even with the unseasonably warm weather we were having, you really should have brought your tropical houseplants inside already. That is the easy part,
now let's learn how to keep them happy and healthy all winter.
Look for pests. Ideally this should have been done before you brought them in. But it's fine to spray both the soil and the entire plant (leaves, stems, etc.) with insecticidal soap now . Redo this in January or as needed.
Fertilize at half strength
Read the package directions and cut in half and feed less often. A water-soluble fertilizer is fine or use a compost tea brew.
Foliage plants are easy
Easy care plants that do best indoors are generally varieties prized for their foliage and these can handle lower light conditions indoors.
Tropical flowering plants are more challenging  Some varieties, which require a lot of light,  include Hibiscus, Mandevillas, Jasmine, Bougainvillea and Citrus. They require a sunny window in a room where air temperature stays about 60-70 degrees and a humidity level between 30 and 45 percent  (mist leaves or place a pan of water among the plants).
You have two options:
Let them go dormant. If you plan to let your plants simply go dormant, let them rest in a cool place such as an unheated basement or garage (40 to 50 degrees F) with little or no light-their leaves will gradually yellow and drop. Water sparingly - about twice per month. Bring them out in early spring and start watering.
Coax a few blooms out of them, while inside. Know that growth and blooms on overwintered tropicals will appear later in the season. Water carefully. Often our heated homes become quite dry, which can cause plants to lose moisture quickly. However, plants aren't actively growing during the winter months so they don't require as much water. Test the soil using the tip of your finger, if the top inch is dry go ahead and water. Practice makes perfect. Good luck
What's new in the greenhouses right now?
Reiger Begonias
Dwarf Conifers
Yes, we are starting to get ready for the holidays. Everything is ordered and will be arriving throughout the month. But before it all starts, November is a great time to wrap things up, literally and figuratively. Wrap those trees against rodents, cut down the dead foliage and wrap up the garden beds by mulching them. End the growing season before the holidays start, because you never know when the snowflakes will fall.  Take advantage of our Bird Sale through the 12th.  We look forward to seeing many of you during the late year holidays.   

Tom and Janine Giles
and the Staff at Hadley Garden Center

 November is the month to:
  • Finish all fall clean up chores and especially leaf raking, as it helps against bugs and diseases 
  • Cut Asparagus fronds after the frost, as they may harbor pests. Adding lime is good this time of year for these 
  • Put several inches of soil over Parsnips, Garlic, Shallots and Strawberries 
  • Sharpen and oil those tools for spring 
  • Christmas Cactus need even amounts of darkness and light until their buds form. They also love consistently cool temperatures