2021 Annual Conference Announcement
For now, we’ll have to wait a little longer. The ACCG Board of Managers made the difficult decision to postpone the 2021 ACCG Annual Conference usually held at the end of April due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19 and capacity restrictions currently in place at the Savannah Convention Center.
Save the Date

ACCG wants to bring our members back together this fall and will do so with a one-time “big event” in Savannah/Chatham County. So, save the date for November 12-15, 2021, as we prepare to safely reconvene!

The “big event” is a one-year combination of the ACCG Annual Conference and Legislative Leadership Conference.
What You Need to Do:

  1. Remove the 2021 Annual Conference dates of April 23-26 from your calendar
  2. Remove the 2021 Legislative Leadership Conference dates of September 29-October 1 from your calendar
  3. ADD the “Big Event” dates of November 12-15, 2021, to your calendar and watch for more detailed information from ACCG. Event-specific information will be shared with the full membership soon. 

We look forward to seeing you in person while offering you an opportunity to have face-to-face networking with your peers. As we are excited about hosting this in-person event, please know that your safety remains a priority to us. We are working diligently to implement the necessary precautions and mitigation efforts to host a safe event to our greatest ability. Thank you.
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