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Many of us who are above a certain age learned the King James Version of the Twenty-Third Psalm by heart, when we were children: "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..."

It continues to be one of the most beloved passages of scripture. In hard times, it's the go-to Bible passage for a great many of us, a powerful source of strength. It's all but obligatory at graveside services.

Because it's such an icon, many who happily rely on the New Revised Standard Version for most parts of scripture quietly revert to the King James Version for the 23rd Psalm. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death" does seem to pack a bigger poetic punch than "Even though I walk through the darkest valley."

These are, of course, translations of the original Hebrew: which means the question Bible scholars need to ask - quite apart from the poetic artistry - is, which one most accurately conveys the original meaning?

The answer to that - I say with some trepidation - is the more modern translation. "The shadow of death" simply isn't there in the ancient source. It's a poetic flourish added by the 17th-century English translator.

If we lose something in terms of poetry, though, we gain a whole lot more when we use the NRSV translation to examine the entire psalm. A picture emerges from this modern translation that's impossible to see in the King James Version.

That picture is the dilemma possibly faced by the psalm's author, that led him to compose such moving language. Once we know it's an actual dark valley - and not "the shadow of death" in the abstract - that's causing him consternation, we can, like a detective, begin to put the pieces of his story together.

The first time I realized what this back-story could be, the 23rd Psalm came alive for me in ways it never did before. I found it more meaningful, not less.

Maybe that will be true for you, as well, as we study this beloved psalm together this Sunday. I hope so!

Pastor Carl
Sunday Worship
Children's Choir to Sing

Come and join us for worship this Sunday, April 22. The Lamington Children's Choir will sing the Introit, a Brazilian Folk song called Cantad al Señor (O Sing to the Lord). The children will be accompanied by Choir Director, Bess Ploener on ukelele. The Adult Choir will sing selections from Handel's  Messiah , with solos by soprano section leader, Katie Cloys and Bass Section leader, Andrew Stack . The service will be full of beautiful singing and music.
Annual Meeting of the Congregation
and Corporation

This Sunday--April 22
Immediately after Worship

The meeting will include a number of reports on the life of our church and we will elect the slate of leadership candidates presented by the Nominating Committee. This year the Committee was responsible for nominating seven Elders and six Deacons for leadership positions in the church. One Elder and one Deacon name will be nominated from the floor on the day of the meeting. Each nominee was considered based on their specific gifts and talents relative to the current leadership needs of our church. The same criteria will be used with names nominated from the floor on the day of the meeting.

Church Officer Nominations are:
Elder Class of 2019
Meridith Scott
Elders Class of 2020
Valerie Fraser
Jim Grubel
Greg Halsey
Alison Paine (2 nd term)
Georgie Schley (2 nd term)
(Additional name to be announced)
Deacons Class of 2020
Cindy Campbell
Monica Immanual (2 nd term)
Erin Mistele
Sandi Ramsay (2 nd term)
Laurel Rose (2 nd term)
(Additional name to be announced)
Copies of the report are available for pick-up on the table outside of the church office, or click here to view the 2017 Annual Report, and click here to view a copy of 2017 Financials & 2018 Budget.
Bullet Points from the Basket Day Committee

● Basket Day is only 3 weeks away – on Saturday, May 12 with Preview Night, May 11

● As is customary, Sunday, May 6 will be our Basket Day set-up day for the congregation – immediately following the worship service. We will have a lunch with drinks available.

● The basement is brimming with “stuff” that needs to be carried up to the Treasure Tent. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

● We also need help setting up the Gladish Room—moving furniture out into the sanctuary—and setting up for the Silent Auction and Preview Night.

● Also, it’s not too late to become a Basket Day Patron. Please see Erin Mistele at the Basket Day table.

● Finally, immediately following the Annual Meeting THIS SUNDAY, please join us for just 30 minutes more to stuff about 500 invitations for Basket Day. We will be upstairs in the classroom.

In short, we need your help! Please let us know that you can be there by signing up at the Basket Day table during coffee hour. Thank you!
Basket Day
Saturday, May 12
9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Free Admission
Preview Night
Friday, May 11
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
$25 Admission

Join us for a day of
community, great food and
shopping for all types of
Basket Day treasures.

We look forward to seeing you
at our annual celebration
of spring—rain or shine!

Start Your Spring Cleaning Now!
Donate to the Treasure Tent & Silent Auction
The Treasure Tent is going up on May 1 and will be ready to accept your donation deliveries! We accept everything  but  books, clothes and stuffed animals. We do accept designer jackets, coats, handbags and jewelry. Questions? Contact Julie Goetz at  ( 908) 313-8336 , Ann Silk at  ( 908) 812-5933  or Dana Miller at ( 917) 304-5061  .

The Silent Auction is open for donations of fine jewelry, china, vacation homes, tickets to events like Broadway shows and more! Please contact  Carol Cummins  at ( 908) 625-4568  to let her know what you intend to contribute and for any questions.

Do You Enjoy Cooking?
Donate to the Presbyterian Palate
Co-Chairs  Eleanor Halsey   (908) 342-4206  and  Susan Scott   (908) 442-3200  are now accepting commitments for Presbyterian Palate dishes that help to make Basket Day such a success year-after-year. Drop by the Basket Day table during coffee hour or contact them about cooking and donating your favorite dishes. Containers are available in the Gladish Room. The freezers are located in the vestry this year and are available for your dish drop-offs. For help with labels, contact Susan.
Any questions? Please contact Meridith Scott, Basket Day Chair, at  or call (908) 236-0206
Join Us
Sunday, May 6
after worship
Basket Day Set-Up
Please Help--
We REALLY Need Liturgists!
Volunteering to read scripture is a wonderful way to participate in Sunday worship. Please consider giving to the church with your time & talents. Many Sundays are in need of a liturgist! Please call or email the church office if you would like to sign up for one of these open Sundays. A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office.
Upcoming Liturgists
Sunday, April 22
Ann Silk
Sunday, April 29
Duncan Rose
Sunday, May 6
Valerie Fraser
Sunday, May 13
Nivita Thomas

Deacons on Duty
Sunday, April 22: Hunter Lewis & Julie Murray
Sunday, April 29: Julie Murray & Laurel Rose
Sunday, May 6: Eleanor Halsey
Sunday, May 13: Eleanor Halsey

A Note to the Deacons: To make a change to the Deacon on Duty schedule or to sign-up for Sunday duty, please call or email Monica Thomas at (908) 450-7278, . A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office. Click here to view the Deacon Worship Duties .)
Upcoming Coffee Hour Hosts

Sunday, April 22 - Alison & Fred Paine
Sunday, April 29 - Erin & Greg Mistele
Sunday, May 6 - Basket Day Set-Up
Sunday, May 13 - Basket Day Weekend

Each member/family at Lamington Church has been invited to host a Sunday coffee hour. A postcard reminder will be sent sometime before you are scheduled. If you are unable to host on your assigned day, please call Debby Johnson at  (908) 832-7230  or email at . To view the coffee hour schedule through June 24 -- click here.

Instructions for coffee hour set-up can be found in the church kitchen. You can also click here to view the coffee hour instructions .
The Upcoming Week
at Lamington

Sunday, April 22
8:45AM Choir Practice
10:15AM Worship
10:30AM Church School
after worship Annual Meeting
after meeting BD invite collating
11:45AM Lamington Bell Choir
Tuesday, April 24
7:00PM Common Threads Ministry
Sunday, April 29
8:45AM Choir Practice
10:15AM Worship
10:30AM Church School
11:45AM Lamington Bell Choir

Do you have a question? Please contact us!
The Rev. Dr. Carl Wilton
(908) 910-5360

James Goldsworthy
Director of Music

Bess Ploener
Director of Handbells

Regina Morris
Office Manager
(908) 572-7013
Church Office Hours
Monday-Friday 10:00AM to 3:00PM
(908) 572-7013

Sunday Worship at 10:15AM
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