2018 Year-end Science Summary; What it means for Families

By Alycia Halladay, PhD, Chief Science Officer of the  Autism Science Foundation 
and the  Scientific Advisory Board of the Autism Science Foundation
with thanks to Cheryl Cohen of the Interactive Autism Network

This year, scientists made major scientific discoveries across all fields of autism research. Now more than ever autism is recognized as its own spectrum within a spectrum of other psychiatric conditions, including bipolar depression, anxiety, ADHD and schizophrenia.  Commonalities were found in underlying biology, genetics, and symptom presentation.  This year we studied new treatments, learned more about the differences between males and females with autism, and developed new methods to measure the challenges and strengths of people with autism.

You can read our annual year end science summary here.  The focus is on what these findings will mean for families. Read the report HERE.    

Thank you to all the families who participated in research and to all the tireless autism researchers who dedicated their knowledge and energy to improving the lives of people with autism. Without research, we would do the same things tomorrow that we did yesterday.

The summary is also available on ASF's Weekly Science Podcast.  Listen HERE.

Wishing you a great 2019!