November 1, 2021
No tricks, just donut treats! Make your gift today to the Annual Fund and your child’s name will be put into a drawing for a donut party for his or her class. All gifts given by midnight November 2, 2021, will be eligible.
Or text the words
Annual Fund to 281.730.8204
Thank you in advance for your gift to your school and your students!
The 2nd grade families have now become the leaders in Annual Fund participation!
Thank You!
A special thanks to the following families
who have already donated to the Annual Fund:

The Stivers Family
Katie Lopez
Kymberly Harris
Stephen & Terry Faleye
The Downey Family
The Shives Family
Rosalyn Martin
The Medrano Family
The McCorkle Family
The Walker Family
The Esponoza Salazar Family
Durdin Family
The Moore Family
Grice Family
Deah & Nick Alfano
Promenade Healthcare, PLLC
The Vandermeyden Family
Dale & Denise Darr
Gilbert & Julie Garza
The Valdez Family
Robert & Amy Owens
The Haynes Family & Girls, Inc.
Hardwick Family
Mr. and Mrs. Obi Ezepue
Randy and Kristen Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Wyatt
Heather, Bailey and Emma Sesters
The Struble Family
The Butler Family
Cliff & Dena Kraner and Family
The Fairbanks Family
Tamara Blume
Mr. and Mrs. McDonald
The Frank Family
Debra Laprarie
Ricky and Dorothy Reddix
The Blossom Family
Todd Miller Family
The Loustalot Family
The Moores Family
Banos Family
The Schulter Family
Ramirez-Davila Family
The Summers Family
Joe and Nancy Fogarty
Stephen, Renee, Camila,
and Victoria McCarley
David and Patricia Pruett
Patti Abt
Conway Family
Mike and Kenna Pace
Mike and Kara Beatty
The Gilliland Family
Roger and Kim Elswick
Robert Patrick and Kimberli White
The Canovas Family
The Ingram Family
Brittany and Adam Clark
Matt and Shyanne Meekins
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lawrence
David and Kristin Leard
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Egdorf
Steve and Shannon Beatty
THINK Neurology for Kids -
Shaun Varghese & Cristina Marchesano
LL12 Foundation
Paul and Rhonda Kubosh
Cathy Yerian
Hearn Family
Roxanna Taylor
Melissa Flowers
Chris and Kalai McHan
Julie Huff
Julie Mitchen
Carolyn Jurick
Tonja Norwood
Christi Domingue
Mr. and Mrs. Malm
Bohannon Family
Sherrie and Jim Webb
Jesse and Betty Acosta
Chris and Debra Purcell
David and Tamara Nelson
Juan and Monica Lewis
Thomas and Pam Lincoln
Balde and Liz Chavez
The Fischer Family
Laura Henderson
Cecil Davis
Eric and Gretchen Wietstruck
Erin, Lily, Charlie, and Annie Teshara
The Congdon Family
Jerry and Doris Edmonds
Walker Family
Jeff and Melissa Driskill
The Jones Family