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~ Welcome - Note from our Matrix Convener.
~ Inspiration From Diane Jung.
~ Herstory The Gather the Women Annual Gathering in words, photos and video .  End of Year donation incentives.
~ Gathering Resources -  Including information about how to  connect  with our virtual sisterhood.

Dear  sister...

Welcome to our newsletter which is packed full of photos and writings from our 2016 Annual Gathering in Los Gatos held in October. A wonderful video of snapshots is also included. We would love to have you join us at our gathering in 2017... details to be announced in the New Year.

With love to each and everyone of you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.


A note from the GTW GM Matrix Convener...

What is the Conveners Circle and what do we do? Good question. 
The Conveners Circle consists of nine women from around the US, Canada, the UK, and Belgium. We are the decision makers for business matters concerning Gather the Women. The Conveners may serve for two consecutive two year terms, or longer at the discretion of the Circle. It's a wonderful opportunity to be of service to our sisters and we love this work and each other.
At the end of this month, we will fondly say so long to two of our conveners, Angie Lux, secretary,  and Diane (the dancer) Jung, Canadian Convener. Both have served us with love and dedication and life is pulling them in other directions. They will become part of the Wisdom Circle, a group of wise and wonderful women who have served in leadership roles in GTW and act as advisors to the Conveners. To take their places we welcome Michelle Landry from Thunder Bay, Ontario and Nancy Nolin from Portland, OR. They will officially take their places with us in January, 2017. They have been meeting with us since the Conveners retreat in Los Gatos, so they are both up to speed with what we do. 


Michelle is an experienced circle leader and has been with GTW for six years. We first met her when our Canadian sisters hosted GTW in Peterboro, Canada in 2012. She brings a wealth of experience and insight to us, and we love her energy. 


Nancy Nolin is a circle keeper and therapist in Portland and has an active circle group there. Since she came on in Oct. we have, at her suggestion, revised the by-laws to bring them into line with our current practice. She brings a dynamic energy to GTW and we are very excited to welcome her to our circle. 
The Conveners meet monthly by Zoom call to conduct our business in a circle format. We urge our GTW sisters who are active to consider being on the Conveners circle. Some of our terms will be ending at the end of 2017 and we will be looking for women to take our places.
Please take an opportunity to welcome both Nancy at and Michelle at

With love and sisterhood,
Suzan Nolan, GTW Matrix Convener

 Prayer for my Sisters

We do not share blood and still we are a family joined together.
Our hearts are forever linked by shared tears, laughter and Joy.
Our courage, passion and creativity proclaim to all who will listen.
We are fierce! We are fabulous! And our love knows no limits!
My prayer for each of us , near and far, is that we remember the warm  arms that encircled as we wept,
The gentle hearts that witnessed our prayers  and intentions,
The loving eyes that saw past our self-perceived imperfections  into the Divine depths of our souls.

I pray you will remember to be the gentle hand outstretched  in support for any sister, anywhere whose steps falter,  courage withers or whose radiance fades in sorrow or fear.

Remember to always sing our heartsong to each other and to  the universe-----

We are blessed! We are strong! We are love! We are One!

Blessed Be!

~ Contributed by Diane Jung. 

Gather the Women Annual Gathering 2016
in Los Gatos, California

~ Slideshow by Lorraine and Tu Bears

This year's Annual Gathering was rich in content, as well as heart-felt sharing, laughter, tears, hugs and a community of sisterhood. Sixty-four women from the United States, Canada, Argentina and Thailand joined together in October in Los Gatos, California. The weekend included an excellent presentation from Laurie McCammon, author of "Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just one Word." Laurie's message in nutshell: I am enough; I have enough; We are enough; We have enough; ENOUGH!  I claim my liberation from the old Never Enough paradigm and look to the future with peaceful optimism and confidence. See Laurie's website here.

Our additional presenters included Peggy Black, a recording artist, world traveler and lecturer, with thirty-five years of experience in the healing field. Peggy invited us to learn more about the Healing Power of Sound. Peggy's website is here.

Megan McFeely, director/producer, shared her film "As She Is." Megan's film is a project about a personal and collective journey towards wholeness. . . to reclaim, value and live the feminine aspect of ourselves. Learn more about this film here.

Women also joined in circle for the Water Ceremony, Drumming Circle and many other circles. Gather The Women Global Matrix members are planning the 2017 Annual Gathering and tentative plans are in the works. Check for updates on the
Gather the Women Global Matrix webpage and Face Book page. We hope to see you at the 2017 Annual Gathering.
~ Nancy Nolin

An amazing 4 days with 65 loving ladies... we sang, danced, laughed and cried in support and encouragement of one another. So blessed!
~ Ivy Thomas

Reflecting on our time together in   Los Gatos  surrounded by redwoods.  The redwood can grow over 300 ft high yet it's roots are only 5 ft deep. The strength and stability of the redwood is possible because it sends its roots wide to intertwine with surrounding redwoods. A family connected and stronger together. 
The sisters of Gather the Women embody the wisdom of these majestic grandmothers when we connect through the strength of our stories and are supported in our deep listening. 
My roots are fortified by each of us who reached out to connect with the other. Our roots expand across the globe on every continent. We are powerful beyond measure. 
Together We Rise!
~ Onyxe Antara 

Sitting amongst GTW elders is a calling strong enough to beckon my willingness toward complete truth, aware of the risk at hand.
The sisterhood invited a fire within.
New friends and global connections ignited my divine feminine self waiting for lifetimes to be acknowledged ...
I ache for my return to you all in 2017.
Gratitude abounds
~ Juli Alvarado

GTW is Offering Incentives for your End of Year Donation...

At the end of this year, as you decide which charities to donate to, we hope you choose Gather the Women. We will use your donation to provide scholarships to women to come to our Annual Gathering and to continue the business of GTW.

This year, we are offering incentives for your donation!
For a donation of $25, we will send you a pack of five GTW note cards.  For a donation of $50, we will give you a pack of note cards PLUS a GTW t-shirt. The pictures show the banner and words on the front of the note card and the t-shirt. A small GTW global logo is on the back of both.
To make a donation, you can either pay through PayPal or send a check. Be sure to let us know what size t-shirt you want. We have limited quantities of S, L, XL, 2X, and 3X.

To use PayPal, go to your PayPal account, click on "Send Money," then send to Or you can forward a check made out to GTWGM to 1655 Juliet Drive, Petaluma, CA 94954. Please include your email in case we need to communicate with you.

You ARE Gather the Women, and we thank you for the continuing work you do to make women's circles thrive. Together we create a world where every woman has a sisters' circle, where she finds a safe space to be heard, to share from her heart, and to live from her authentic self. We stand heart to heart and hand in hand to assure our children of a future where compassion and love are the norm.

Your support allows us to continue to expand our vision of personal and planetary transformation through women's circles. Together we rise!

~ Donna Ahlstrand

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This newsletter was prepared by Deborah Zaher, Communications Convener for Gather the Women and Regional Coordinator for Crosby, UK.  

Deborah is from the UK and may spell some words in British English, some members are from the USA and may spell some words in American English and some members are from non-English speaking countries and may use a mixture!  
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