Sept 20, 2018
Regional Roundup
For attendees and information seekers alike, meeting materials from the 71st Annual Meeting is currently being updated to the CSG West website. Information will include session agendas, speaker presentations (as available), and any provided handouts.
Committee Resolution

The CSG West Executive Committee, during its business session in Snowbird, Utah on September 15, adopted a resolution affirming the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Among other things, the resolution expresses CSG West's support of a trilateral agreement that enhances the integrated nature of the region's supply chains and removal of tariffs on steel, aluminum and other goods.
The resolution reiterates the organization's position on this important agreement as the United States, Canada and Mexico continue to negotiate a revamp of the trade deal. Moreover, the resolution recognizes the benefits in job creation, trade, integration and economic prosperity as a result of the NAFTA.

U.S. Supreme Court Updates

So far the Supreme Court has agreed to hear about 40 cases next term, many involving state and local government. Topics range from employment to preemption, and in three cases the Court may overturn precedent. Join Tom Fisher, Indiana Solicitor General, who will argue a forfeiture case, Matt Zinn, Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP, who co-wrote the State and Local Legal Center's amicus brief in a takings case and Brianne Gorod, Constitutional Accountability Center, who filed an amicus brief in the forfeiture case and a double jeopardy case, in a discussion of the most interesting and relevant cases for state and local governments accepted so far this term.
September 25th 
9:30 am (Pacific Time)

The U.S. Supreme Court has already accepted a number of cases relevant to state and local governments. Please click below for a summary of each case as provided by Lisa Soronen, Executive Director of the State & Local Legal Center (SLLC). 

Member Resources 
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