GCA Annual Meeting Materials | 1 Feb 2021
Dear GCA member,

Please keep an eye out for the Annual Meeting Materials.

GCA Board of Directors
Annual Meeting Info Package Delivery 2 Feb
A reminder for those who requested the Annual Meeting Materials by email. The email will be sent tomorrow by Tim Durrer from the email address tdurrer@communitygroup.com.

For those who did NOT request electronic delivery, the materials were mailed via USPS last week. Watch your mailbox for the materials.

The information on how to log-in to the Annual Meeting will be on the "Notification" document. It will also contain the link to vote for your three Board candidates on "Balloteer".

Balloteer is a Web based software service for conducting and hosting elections online. This is our second year using Balloteer for the GCA elections.
The Four GCA Board Candidates
Each year we elect three candidates to serve on the GCA Board for a two-year term. This year, we have four qualified candidates for the three Board positions.

The four candidates are shown below. The resume links have been updated, so take a look.
Bill Cromwell - Board Candidate
Bill is running for the GCA Board for 2021. He has extensive Real Estate Asset Management and Board membership experience. Click here to see Bill's GCA Candidate Resume.
Diana Ferguson - Board Candidate
Diana has previously served on the GCA Board (2015-2017), and has offered her services again in 2021. Click here for Diana's GCA Candidate Resume.
David Canavan - Board Candidate
David is a candidate for the GCA Board for 2021. He has 40 years of experience in healthcare and corporate finance. David's GCA candidate resume can be viewed by clicking here.
Kevin Fitzpatrick - Board Candidate
Kevin is re-running for the Board. He's been on the Board since 2017 serving as Treasurer and chairing multiple committees. You can read Kevin's GCA candidate resume by clicking here.
Watch These Dates
Feb 4: GCA Board working meeting 5-7 PM (GoToMeeting)
Feb 18: The GCA Annual Meeting 7-9 PM (GoToMeeting)
Mar 4: GCA Board working meeting 5-7 PM (GoToMeeting)
Mar 14: Daylight Saving Time - Spring Ahead
Mar 18: GCA Board Meeting 7-9 PM (GoToMeeting)
Mar 20: The Vernal Equinox (Spring Begins)