2022 Annual Meeting Letter from Bishop Joy


Dear Friends in Christ,

Bread for the Day, a daily bible reading and prayer resource published by Augsburg Fortress, ended 2021 with this prayer December 31st:

God we turn to you at year’s end with these prayers: for children to be safe, for peace to reign, and for hunger to be satisfied. We trust your wisdom and your word, for you are endless love.

This is a beautiful prayer as we begin 2022 as well. Our trust is in God’s wisdom and word. God is endless love. We so desire our children to be safe, for the hungry to be fed and for peace to reign.

I know that you are bringing this prayer to truth. Thank you, people of the South-Central synod, of Wisconsin for showing and sharing God’s endless love throughout your communities, our state, country, and across the globe. It is because of you children are being made safe. The hungry are receiving food. Quilts are being made and sent for warmth. You proclaim and practice ways of peace and justice. You see the neighbor and include the unseen in your prayers and in your actions of care. Thank you. Each of the 138 congregations and ministries of our synod makes a difference in the lives of real people.  You share the endless love of God in big and small ways each day. Thank you. 

Thank you also for ways we are church together. As the pandemic drags on, we continue to yearn for its end. We continue to wonder what things will return and what things are changed forever. Thank you for the ways that congregations, leaders, conferences, laity and clergy continue to bravely pray and discern together in this uncertain time. It is a privilege to walk alongside of you in these conversations. God is present in these days. God is active in these days. We are not alone. Your congregation is not alone. 

Please know that your synod, the South-Central synod of Wisconsin, is committed to being your partner in ministry. Together we are finding new ways to share God’s grace, build community and to be Christ’s endless love in the world.

God’s blessings to you and upon your Annual meeting,


Bishop Joy Mortensen-Wiebe

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