Annual Meeting Update from JL POA
A Publication of the JL POA Chronicle
Thanks to all of you who participated in our Zoom Annual Meeting yesterday. We are very proud of how many of our owners embraced the new technology to follow along and help us keep our Annual Meeting on schedule. In addition, many owners had a chance to do drive-through balloting, which we believe is a first for this community! Thanks for getting us over the top and getting your votes in for the board candidates and the amendments.
Here is a review of the next steps that were outlined by the POA's attorney yesterday:

  • The votes have now been accounted for and sorted and have been placed in a locked area until they can be counted.
  • Due to the virus, the accounting firm for the POA will take on the task to count the official votes. We are sending over almost 700 votes obtained yesterday regarding the election of two board members and the vote on the two amendments.
  • Rene and Associates (our CPA) has asked for a cooling-off period to ensure no health issues exist on any of the paper and envelopes. They will tabulate the votes which will then be posted early next week in the Chronicle.
  • The JL Marina and the JL Club are also completing their nominee for the Commercial Position on the board, which will be announced early next week.
  • The Annual Meeting has been recessed, which is allowable under Florida law. We now have up to 90 days to complete the process and then reconvene the meeting to be able to complete the other updates and business portion of the meeting.
In light of the current events, we feel a Town Hall meeting can be held later in the year to cover the reports of the committees and the updates on the progress of the POA.