Join us Thursday, June 17 at 7 pm
Please join us for Beth Jacob's Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 17 at 7:00 pm. This year's event will once again be held via Zoom, and will conclude by 8:00 pm.

Our schedule for the night includes:
  • A D'var Torah and opening remarks from our leadership
  • Reports from the Finance Committee and USY Board
  • Presentation of the annual Bud Sweet award
  • Remarks from Rabbi Rubin
  • Recognition of outgoing board members
  • Nomination Committee Report and voting on the slate of new board members 

Please join us at this link:

The outgoing board members are:
  • Monica Kelly
  • Robert Rees
  • Mickey Minsberg
  • Ryan Lohr

The FY 21-22 Board of Trustees slate is:

Co-Presidents: Rob Goffman & Neil Moses-Zirkes
Co-President Elect: Orit Ackerman & TBD
Immediate Past President: Mike Keller
VP of Avodah - Work: Tessa Silver
VP of Avodah - Worship: Carol Altshuler
VP of Finance: Eric Pasternack
VP of Gemilut Chasadim: Orit Ackerman
VP of Torah: Talia Vital

Kevin Broder
Joel Goldsmith
Cynthia Freedman
Beth Friend (Shared Seat)
Gordon Gendler
Lisa Hoff
Miriam Krause
Elizabeth Lamin
Bernie Miller
Susie Minsberg
Leslie Morris (Shared Seat)
Tamar Resnick
Amy Rogovin
Lisa Walker

Honorary Lifetime Members:
Eric Pasternack
Bob Perry