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The MHLS Bulletin welcomes submissions from member libraries.
Volume 19-37 | 9.10.19
Annual Membership Meeting
The 60th Annual Membership Meeting will take place on Friday, October 25th at the Henry A. Wallace Center @ FDR Presidential Library and Home in Hyde Park, NY and you're invited!

During the business meeting we will report to the membership on the health of the organization, conduct board elections, and hear from MHLS' Executive Director, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich. Outstanding Achievement Awards will be given to libraries who have had grand openings over the past year. Following the business meeting and awards we will hear from our keynote speaker, Miguel Figueroa, Director of the ALA Center for the Future of Libraries!

8:30am   | Registration & Breakfast Buffet
9:00am   | Business Meeting & Awards
10:45am | Keynote Speaker

Keynote: "Trends, Signals and Changes" In a fast-changing world, the advantage is given to those who understand the larger context in which they operate. Libraries have a strong tradition of looking broadly at the changes and trends in their communities and adapting their work to meet new and emerging needs. What changes in society, technology, education, and other   areas are shaping new library innovations? And how do libraries affirm (and expand) their professional values and aspirations while still adapting to changing contexts?

Registration Fee: $30

Registration Deadline: Monday, October 21st

Questions about registration can be directed to Joan Kay, MHLS Financial Assistant or call 845.471.6060 ext. 214
MHLS Announcements
Managing the holds processes in your library absolutely requires clearing your holdshelf every day . Member library directors should work with your staff to commit this to the daily process of your holds.
  1. Check in your delivery
  2. Process your notices
  3. Clear the holdshelf
This process removes the hold transaction from items that are on your holdshelf for too long, cancelled by patrons, and expired holds. It closes the process and clears the data. Simply checking in the expired hold does not clear the hold . Instructions on clearing the holdshelf can be found at
If you have questions please contact Laurie Shedrick, MHLS Assistant Director / Technology Operations Manager, or send an email to
MHLS Libraries
Rosendale Library Board members and staff celebrate Wendy Alexander (pictured center)

Wendy Alexander, director of the Rosendale Library has retired! Wendy has been the director of the Rosendale Library for the last 42 years. She joined the library in April 1977 as its first certified librarian. Wendy has been instrumental in helping the library serve its community and in creating many new generations of readers. Beth King, Vice President of the Rosendale Library Board of Trustees said, "Serving on the Board of Trustees these past three years has truly deepened my appreciation for the vital role that the library staff and the director play...It is a constant juggling act that involves balancing the library and its community's current needs while advocating and planning for the future. I admire Wendy's 42 years of dedication to the Rosendale Library."
Resource Sharing & Sierra
In the third week of September the cataloging department will suppress all items that have a status of 'Lost & Paid', 'Discard' or 'Claims returned', which have not been updated for 3 months. The items will not be deleted.  Changing the annual report code to "n - suppress", simply keeps them from displaying in the public catalog. 
Sustainable Libraries
National Voter Registration Day is on Tuesday, September 24th and it's not too late for libraries to participate. Participating in this nationwide event can help activate citizens throughout your communities by organizing in-person voter registration events or promoting voter registration through marketing and communication efforts. Learn more at
Libraries are being encouraged to create children's programming around the 2020 Census in order to raise awareness and completion of the census among young families. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an estimated 5% of children under the age of 5 were not counted in the 2010 Census, the highest in any age group. By connecting with the parents and caregivers of young children, library staff can help explain common situations where young children are not counted. More information on these situations can be found at  
The U.S. Census Bureau site also has coloring pages and Pre-K activities coming soon such as a sing-along video which introduces preschoolers to the concept of the 2020 Census, and a storybook with activities that uses an interactive narrative to teach children what the 2020 Census is and why it is important that everyone be counted, especially children. Information about these resources can be found at
Administration & Management
NY Bans 3D Printed Guns. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed into law legislation that prohibits the manufacture or possession of undetectable firearms or "ghost guns." Senate Bill S1414 establishes crimes relating to the possession or manufacture of an undetectable firearm, rifle, or shotgun, or major component of a firearm, making it illegal for any person to knowingly possess, manufacture, sell, transport, or possess such weapons or components. If your library has a 3D printer make sure your policy includes this law. Sample policies for library and public use of 3D printers are available at
Job Openings
Part-time Library Clerk, Millbrook Library
The Millbrook Free Library is looking for a part-time library clerk to work on Tuesdays (9:45am - 6:15pm) and Thursdays (9:45am - 6:15pm), plus regular Saturday rotations (9:45am - 4:15pm).  Additional hours are possible when subs are needed.  Responsibilities include working at the circulation desk; assisting library users with a variety of questions, including computer-related; processing materials; and other duties related to the operation of the library. 
Library experience preferred, but not required. The ideal candidate will enjoy working with the public, be customer service oriented, have good computer skills, and be able to multi-task. 
Starting hourly rate: $11.30 per hour and includes  vacation, personal, and sick time, and some paid holidays.  
Please submit a résumé  and cover letter to Thomas Finnigan at or P.O. Box 286 Millbrook, NY 12545. 
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