Annual Fall News, September 2021

SAVE THE DATE: We are planning an event featuring Nepal Youth Foundation on November 6. 2021. Given the pandemic, we are not yet sure whether the event will be in-person, virtual, or some combination of the two. Please save the date. We know that Olga Murray and her staff have devised some practical new ways of working with the youth of Nepal. Hurrah for innovation!
Global Grandmothers Choice for September 2021 is Partners in Health.
Any donations that we receive this month that are not identified for a specific non-profit will be donated to Partners In Health. Or, if you choose the “Global Grandmothers Choice'' button, your donation will go directly to Partners In Health as well. Partners in Health is addressing health and safety needs in Haiti, in the US and around the globe right now. They are amazing!
If you prefer, you can mail a check to Global Grandmothers, P.O. Box 471, San Mateo, CA 94401. Make checks payable to Global Grandmothers and write the non-profit recipient in the memo line.
I am an optimistic person by nature, experiencing a little equilibrium problem right now regarding the world situation. Last year in this newsletter I declared 2020 the year of COVID. Wrong! Last year was the first year of COVID. And from a world-wide perspective, we have a very long road ahead of us. Add to that symptoms of the climate crisis like hurricanes, fires, starvation and it’s hard to be optimistic. Yet, we humans have survived plenty of challenges in the past. Today’s challenges look to me like a Dagwood sandwich of crises. How can we tackle all of this? 
Photo from Partners in Health.
I notice that the news, social media, and my emails are full of information about non-profits being at the forefront of tackling the most difficult problems we face. Before anyone else, they are there, problem-solving, providing help, supplies, hope. And they are the very non-profits that Global Grandmothers support. It’s the non-profits who demonstrate the necessary flexibility of thought and action. They have anticipated and planned and have what it takes to respond to crises.
If you work for one of these non-profits, my hat is off to you. Clearly the work is difficult. Hopefully, it is rewarding. Thank you for responding to COVID, to hurricanes, to refugee crises. Thank you for saving children. Thank you!
Last year we went from nine to eleven non-profits. We thought we needed a few organizations that work with refugees and asylum seekers. We are so glad that we followed that hunch.
We recently received the video below from the International Rescue Committee. Please watch it.
As you know, we carefully vet each non-profit we recommend. You can count on them to use your money wisely and as they say they will. You can count on them to provide services that match the needs of a particular community. They know what they are doing and they care. Not only do we make sure that is true, but we continue to maintain relationships with our non-profits and monitor their activities, even in person as much as possible.
So I say, follow the link below to our list of nonprofits and give generously. Choose a few, if you like, and follow their activities closely. Check their web pages. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Choose them all, if you like. I think you will find that you will be proud to be supporting them. Give generously, give often. Give when you give to someone you love, and give in honor or in memory of someone you love.
If you prefer, you can mail a check to Global Grandmothers, P.O. Box 471, San Mateo, CA 94401. Make checks payable to Global Grandmothers and write the non-profit recipient in the memo line.
I read many articles about how to donate. I can distill those articles into the following:
  • Choose a few non-profits you love (from our list, I hope). Be sure to support them regularly over time. Give them as much as you can. Not only does that help them, it feels good to you. 
  • Save a smaller amount of potential donation dollars for other organizations you like to support. Often there are local organizations you want to support. They may not be high powered and may not be as careful in how they invest those dollars, but it’s OK to support them too.
  • Have a very small amount that you save to donate on the spur of the moment to school fundraisers, etc. 

Donating feels good and it does good. 
I only suggest this kind of method because I personally need such a plan to keep myself from being a “haphazard giver”. Following a plan works for me. Whatever works for you, please donate. Now, more than ever, our non-profits need our help. Do what you can, if you can. 

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and still wanting to support the children of the world. We need them. They need us.

Mary Bevernick
President, Global Grandmothers
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