Sunday Parish Meeting and Potluck!
Yes, the POTLUCK POLICE want to know what you are bringing Sunday!

If you're smart, you'll follow the directions below so that
you don't get a "meal ticket"! (smile!)

Here are the  food assignments :. 

A-M Main Dish, P-Q Salad, R-Y Dessert.  (we've got no families with last names starting with N or O, thus the gap)

PLEASE do two things:  

  • If your family is attending, click here to let Fr. Kevin know.

  • Then click here to let St. Ann honey know what you are bringing.

Play nice and get this done  no later than tomorrow at noon .

Thanks and see you Sunday. Stay warm, safe, and blessed.

JKM+ and DTM

St. Augustine's Anglican Church | Ellsworth Chapel at Central College |