Happy Passover
Annual Passover Retreat for
Israel Air Force Widows & Orphans
Dear Friends,

The Israel Air Force Widows and Orphans retreat was held on 27-28 March 2022. This traditional annual overnight trip was resumed after two years in which it could not be held in the face of the corona pandemic. Each year a different location is selected in which the IAF Widows and Orphans can enjoy a combination of sight seeing, visit new sights and are treated to entertainment and comradeship away from home. It is offered to the entire list and joined by choice to those who wish to participate.

This year’s retreat took place in the Golan Heights and was attended by 152 widows and orphans. During the trip they toured the Golan Heights, took a special safari tour along the mountainous part of the Jordan river, and visited the Talmudic Park in Katzrin (the main City in the Golan). A special highlight was a guided night tour which was held by instructional starlight gazing during a campfire cooked meal, and more.
The group stayed at the Ramot Holiday Village, where a gala dinner was held with the attendance of Israel Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin. A short ceremony was held end of the meal in which the Israel Air Force Commander addressed all the participants, to tell them how moved he was by the event, and noted that they will always be part of the Air Force Family. The Chairwoman of the Widows' organization, and the representative of the bereaved families responded.
To end of the evening, the participants were treated to a show starring the comedian Rotem Abohav. All participants received a gift basket of local fruit grown on the Golan Heights.
The trip was funded with the assistance of the Israel Air Force Center Association
All agreed that the trip was very successful.
With your continued support, we expect to continue this event next year and in the years to come!

Thank you!

The IAF Widows meeting
Major General Amikam Norkin
Thank you from the
IAF Widows and Orphans
IAF Orphans at the Talmudic Center
During the Campfire guided tour
Safari Tour in the mountains