January 2020 Newsletter
Winter Psychic & Wellness Fair
with TRC Staff
Saturday, January 11, 12-5p
Cost: All sessions are $20 for 20 minutes and are on a "first come" basis

Everything in the Gift Shop is 20% off!
Cher'd Creations will be offering handmade items in the Lobby!

Services & Practitioners 
Melody Jenkins ~~ Runic Tarot
Anastasia Shevchenko ~~ Numerology Readings
Richard Horton ~~ Spiritual Direction
Cheri Roof ~~ Messages from Spirit
Jill Shumaker ~~ Traditional Tarot
Kelly Bisson ~~ Solfeggio Sound Healing
Kaye Smith ~~ Reiki
Denise Musser ~~ Reiki
Jane MacMillan ~~ Akashic Records
C Bean ~~ Spirit Drawings
Angel Moon ~~ Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage
Lisa Feldman ~~ Hand Massage
Jeanette Collins ~~ Elemental Reflexology
LJ Groom ~~ Archangel Card Readings
Gaylord Clark ~~ Astrology
Joseph Floyd ~~ Crystal Readings
Grace "Mike" Michaels ~~ Tea Leaf Readings
Shmuel Merimi ~~ Body Tuning of Upper Back & Chest
Are You an Empath..And More?
with C Bean
Saturday, January 4, 1-4p
Cost: $30

- are affected by others’ energies and are often not aware of the influence from others wishes, thoughts, moods, desires and emotions.
- often feel physical symptoms, earth movements and the pre and post responses of major man-made tragedies.
- may ignore their own needs, isolate and may come across as detached and uncaring… you prefer to be with nature and animals, not people.
- are Wayshowers, Intuitives, have varying Paranormal, Near Death and Out of Body Experiences; and if these are not understood you may suppress these talents.
You, the Empath, the Wayshower, chose to bring your talents and gifts into the world at this monumental time.
You are valuable and needed. Love is yearning to be known in our world through you!
If you are curious or if this rings familiar join us with the exploration!

To register for class, click here!
Crystal Kids Meet-up
with Cheri Roof
First Monday of each month
Monday, January 6
Ages 5-12 meet from 5-6p
Ages 13-18 meet from 6-7p
Cost: $10 per child

You do not have to be participating in the Crystal Kids Program to attend. 

The purpose of this program is to provide children with a safe place to learn, share and discuss ways of bringing balance to their lives. 

So many children are currently struggling with their sensitivities and they may be finding it difficult to keep up with the demands of life. This could include feelings of stress and anxiety, an inability to focus, feeling unbalanced/ungrounded, feeling out of place and/or not sure of themselves. 

We will explore ways of managing these feelings as well as learning methods of stress reduction. The participants will also be encouraged to help guide the direction of the program to meet their needs. We believe each child is unique and we will encourage them to explore their individual gifts. 

To register for class, click here .

Introduction to Orgonite:
From Skeptic to Artist
with Rob and Lynn White
Saturday, January 25, 1-3p
Cost: $25

Please join us to learn about Orgonite and our journey of how we discovered it and the positive effects it can have on your life. We will discuss an overview of orgone energy, Orgonite, what it is, some interesting personal experiences and how it is made. 
Some of the properties discussed will include:

* Better sleep
* Decrease in sensitivity to EMFs
* Enhanced spiritual growth
* Deeper meditations
* Boost plant growth
* Promote animal health
* Vivid dreams

We are excited to share our story with all of you. We will even have samples on display illustrating how reclaimed metallic materials were infused with crystals to make this functional handmade work of art.

Lynn White, after earning her Bachelor Degree and working in corporate America for several years Lynn realized she was missing her calling. She explored her intuitive abilities and began to do mediumship and psychic work. Her passion to help people and interest in light work led her to become a Reiki Master. She has learned AromaTouch Technique, which has an emphasis in aromatherapy combined with the healing power of touch. She is a Certified Life and Certified Wellness Coach. 

Rob, is a true engineer at heart with an inquisitive and analytical mind. He has both an Engineering degree and MBA. Even though he likes definitive answers, he realizes there is more out there than what we see, hear and even feel. . He has researched various topics, and Orgonite and Orgone energy is something that grabbed his attention. Aside from spiritual topics, he has a strong business mind, and has a talent at helping with introspective financial planning and assisting with mindful budgeting. His wife jokes that “He could turn a nickel into a quarter.” This desire to help people manage life and reach financial goals encouraged him to pursue a Certification in Life Coaching. He and Lynn have been married for almost eighteen years and have four beautiful children.

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Creating Vision Boards That Work
with Lisa Noland-Shalosky & Linda Wallace
Saturday, January 18, 9a-6p
Cost: $125

Join Certified Spiritual Master Teacher Lisa Noland-Shalosky and Master EFT Practitioner Linda Wallace for a hands-on experiential class that will ignite your manifesting mojo and supercharge your ability to co-create with the Universe! 
According to the popular book  The Secret,  “The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”
Visualization is a simple exercise that has far reaching and life expanding results. 
Visualization works  – but only if you get out of your own way . We all have limiting beliefs that keep us from actualizing the life of our dreams and reaching on our greatest potential. These limiting beliefs keep our wants, wishes and desires just out of reach. What if you could remove some of those limiting beliefs and begin to bring about real change in your life…would you do it?
In this one-day workshop with the use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), guided release and visualization exercises,
Finally understand:
Why you don’t attain your goals (it’s not your fault!)
Which internal conflicts are  forcing  you to sabotage yourself (willpower is not the issue!)
How you unknowingly, yet consistently, derail your manifestation efforts (you think you’re doing this right, but you aren’t!)
Why ‘like attracts like’ the key ingredient (alignment is a game changer!)
And how to rewire yourself for success!
In creating a Vision Board that Works, you will:

* Create your own personal Vision board to take home as your own manifestation tool
* Identify your specific areas that you want to bring to life
* Learn how feeling vs. thinking takes manifesting your visualization to the next level
* Understand how to “frequently” use your Vision Board on a daily basis
Come supercharge your ability to co-create with the Universe, be inspired and have fun creating your very own Vision Board that WORKS!
(All vision board supplies will be provided. Please feel free to bring photos, quotes, shiny things or anything else you may want to add to your board to class with you as well…most of all bring an open mind to create and have fun!)

To register for class, click here .
Holistic Happy Hour
with Denise Musser
Thursday, January 9, 6-7p
Cost: $10

Join Animal Reiki Practitioner Denise Musser in a discussion to discover how you can take a more active role in your pets health and well-being by using Reiki to assess and correct energy imbalances in their systems. We will discuss the animal chakra system and techniques to have a happier pet.

Snacks, coffee and tea will be provided.
Note: In the Lower Level, so will need to use stairs.

To register for classes, click here!
Learning How to Meditate
with Melody Jenkins
Wednesday, January 22, 6-9p
Cost: $20

Many people find it difficult to meditate. Sometimes, we get the idea that meditation means an entire hour of being absolutely quiet with no distracting thoughts and then, some great moment of enlightenment comes at the end of that hour. This class will approach meditation from several different aspects, with a large amount of time spent in the practice of several different types of meditation.
When you enroll in this class, you are encouraged to attend "Create Aromatherapy Meditation Beads Using Essential Oils" taking place on the previous night (January 21st) at ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! You will make a personal set of meditation beads to use in class!
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2020: The Year of Contact?
If I had to offer one prediction for 2020, it would be that this is the year for direct contact with our cosmic brothers and sisters. Many of the TRC family - our practitioners, students and clients - have been in contact with extraterrestrial and multidimensional beings for many years. Now those messages are coming more often, from more people, and from more places around the globe. And all are saying about the same thing: Earth is in trouble and we're coming to help. For additional information, please see Starseed Connections article below.

If you see anything interesting (a UFO was recently seen over Gahanna and another in Johnstown), please let me know! You're not hallucinating, you're not crazy, you're aware. 
Special thanks to those who attended our recent Winter Solstice Celebration, as well as each of you who attend our classes, and see the benefit of services. Pictured is the Center's current management team, who get a huge amount of the credit for the Center's programming, marketing and overall success: (Standing) Michele Leach, Kaye Smith, Tami Echemann, L. J. Groom.
(Seated) Melody Jenkins, Don Haley, Linda Haley.

My very best wishes for a happy and abundant new year. See you soon!

Linda Haley, Director
New series begins Tues, Jan 21
3rd Tuesday of every month.
An educational series dedicated to the seeker and truth finder.

Note: This new series replaces The Awakening and Star Origins.
Starseed Connections:
Karma and Reincarnation
with Linda Haley
begins Tuesday, January 21, 6-7:30p. Cost $10

Many people are experiencing what is often called The Shift of Consciousness. New awareness, new interests in finding the meaning and purpose of your life, new abilities. Many of us are interested in connections to star beings and otherworld visitors; some of us are actively being contacted. Find out how Karma and Reincarnation fit into all of this, how they have already shaped your life, as well as where you are going.
Each month, a different topic will be presented .
To register, please click here.
January Specials
Book a one hour or Deluxe Reflexology Session and receive a FREE 15 minute Hand Reflexology
with Jeanette Collins
Cost: $60 for one hour, $75 Deluxe

To schedule an appointment, click here!
Book an hour Intuitive Counseling Session and get a 1/2 price Reiki session to follow
with Melody Jenkins
Cost: $90 (usually $120)

After gathering information in your intuitive counseling session, we will move right into Reiki to help clear blockages and work on manifestation.

 For more information, click  here!
To schedule an appointment, click  here!
20% off all one hour services
with Kelly Bisson
Reiki & Sound Healing

To schedule an appointment, click here!
3 Reiki Sessions Package
with Katharine Daniels
Cost: $180

To schedule an appointment, click here!
Healing the Inner Child
with Shmuel Merimi
Cost: $60 (Usually $75)

The purpose of this session is to allow the healing of your inner child, inviting love from within, love that was never separate from you. We will seek to allow your inner child to experience positive memories, good feelings from the past and to come back and stand by you and support you as you move forward.
Give a welcoming hand to your inner child.

To schedule an appointment, click   here ! .
Classes and Events for January
For information on classes, please click here . To register, click here .

The Beyond Series Empowering Your Intuition:
What Does it Mean to be Psychic &
Divination Using Mental Imagery
with Melody Jenkins
2nd Monday of each month
Monday, January 13, 6-9p
Cost: $20
Make & Take:
Create Aromatherapy Meditation Beads using Essential Oils
with Melody Jenkins
Tuesday, January 21
Cost: $20

Learning How to Meditate
with Melody Jenkins
Wednesday, January 22
Cost: $20
Lunch & Learn:
Benefits of Reflexology
with LJ Groom
Wednesday, January 15
Cost: $11
Includes lunch and discussion. Please be aware this is in our lower level and you will need to use the stairs.

Healing Drum Circle
with Iggy Garcia
Saturday, January 4
Cost: Donation
Reiki 1 Evening Class (4 weeks)
with Kaye Smith
January 8,15, 22 & 29, 6-9p
Cost: $300

Reiki 1 Class
with Linda Haley
Saturday, January 4
Sunday, January 5,
Cost: $300

Reiki 2 Class
with Linda Haley
Saturday, January 17 & Sunday, January 18
Cost: $375

Reiki 1 Weekday Class
with Kaye Smith
Monday, January 20
Tuesday, January 21
Cost: $300

Reiki 1/Animal Reiki Weeknight Combo Class
with Kaye Smith
6 Thursdays, January 30, February 6,13,20,27 & March 6, 6-9p
Cost: $400

Reiki Review
with Kaye Smith
Saturday, January 25
Cost: $75

Vital Awakenings in Sound
with Erik Wells
Monday, January 13, 6-7:30p
Cost: $20
Serenity & Bliss Experience
with Denise Musser, Katrina Jackson & Jennifer Jones
Tuesday, January 28
Cost: $60
Animal Reiki Class
with Denise Musser
Sunday, January 5, 9a-5p
Cost: $175

Intro to Animal Reiki
with Kaye Smith
Thursday, January 23, 6-8p
Cost: $10
Deeksha Oneness Blessing
with Denise Musser
Thursday, January 16
Cost: $10
Free Reiki Clinic
with Kelly Bisson
Monday, January 20
Cost: Free.
Reiki Share
(Practitioners only, please)
with Joseph Floyd & Kelly Bisson
Sunday, January 26, 6-8p
Cost: Free
Crystal Series Class:
Relaxation with Crystals
with Joseph Floyd
Tuesday, January 16
Cost: $25
(New date: now 3rd Thursday
of every month.)

Crystal Meditation
with Joseph Floyd
Monday, January 6, 6-7p
Cost: $10

Did you know
we offer all these services?

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
Pranic Healing
Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
Massage Therapy
Trager Approach
CranioSacral Therapy
Akashic Records
Guided Release
Intuitive Counseling
Intuitive Health Assessment
Runic Tarot Readings
Past Life Regression
Restorative Yoga
Spiritual Direction
Crystal Harmony
Eden Energy Medicine
Detox Foot Bath
Animal Wellness Services
Holistic Dog Training
Essential Oils
IlluminAura Restorative Experience
Spirit Drawings
Intuitive Readings
Boost by Sounds
Crystal Kids
Access Bars

and there are even more services coming soon!

* * * * * *

Fee increase will be effective
on January 1st for many services and classes.
Individuals who are financially unable to afford services may request assistance through Stone Soup Project.

We Listen.
We Connect.
We Empower.
Mini Sessions
For information on Mini Sessions, please click here . To register, please click here.
Messages With Spirit
with Cheri Roof
Tuesday, January 7
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Crystal Reading Mini Sessions
with Joseph Floyd
Monday, January 27
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Hand Massage Mini Sessions
with Lisa Feldman
Thursday, January 2, 4:30-8:30p
Cost: $20/30minute session
Sound Healing with Solfeggio Tuning Forks Mini Sessions
with Kelly Bisson
Monday, January 27
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Kabbalistic Card Reading
with Shmuel Merimi
Monday, January 13
Cost: $20/20 minute session
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions
with Kaye Smith
Monday, January 13, 6-8p
Cost: $20/20 min. session
Upcoming Classes and Events
Animal Reiki, Saturday, February 1, 9a-5p
Healing Drum Circle, Saturday, February 1, 7-9:30p
Crystal Kids Meet-up, Monday, February 3, 5-7p
Messages with Spirit, Tuesday, February 4, 3:30-7:30p
Sacred Spaces with Home Cleansings & Altars,Tuesday February 4,6-8p

Archangel Mini Readings, Thursday, February 6, 4-7p
Hand Massage Mini Sessions, Thursday, February 6, 4:30-8:30p
Discovering Your Psychic Self, Saturday, February 8, 9a-6p
The Beyond Series: Creating Sacred Space And Divination Using Palmistry, Monday, February 10, 6-9p
Kabbalistic Card Reading Mini Sessions, Monday, February 10, 5-8p
Animal Reiki Mini Sessions, Monday, February 10, 6-8p
Vital Awakenings in Sound, Monday, February 10, 6-7:30p
Reiki Review, Wednesday, February 12, 1-4p
Holistic Happy Hour, February 13, 6-7p
Reiki 1 Class, Saturday, February 15 & Sunday, February 16, 9a-5p
Reiki 2 Weekday Class, Monday, February 17 & Tuesday, February 18, 9a-5p
Free Reiki Clinic, Monday, February 17, 6-8p
Make & Take:Create Your Own Massage Oils using Essential Oils, Tuesday, February 18, 6-8p
Lunch & Learn, Wednesday, February 19, 12-1p
Deeksha The Oneness Blessing, Thursday,February 20, 7-9p
Crystal Series, Wednesday, February 20, 6-8p
Reiki 2 Class, Saturday, February 22 & Sunday, February 23, 9a-5p
Reiki Share, Sunday, February 23, 6-8p
Crystal Mini Readings, Monday, February 24, 6-8p
Sound Healing Mini Sessions, Monday, February 24, 6:30-8:30p
Serenity & Bliss Experience, Tuesday, February 25, 6-8:15p
Beyond the Beyond: Psychic Practice Group, Thurs, Feb 27, 6-8p
Reiki 1 Evening Classes, January 8-29, 6-9p
Animal Reiki Weeknight Class (Two weeks), Thursdays, February 27 & March 5, 6-9p
Certified Reiki Classes
Learn at the only facility in Central Ohio which teaches in the traditional format.
For class details, please click here . To register, please click here.
Reiki 1 Class
with Linda Haley
Saturday, January 4 & Sunday, January 5
Cost: $300
Reiki 1 Evening Class (4 weeks)
with Kaye Smith
Wednesdays, January 8,15,22 & 29
Cost: $300
Reiki 2 Class
with Linda Haley
Saturday, January 18 & Sunday, January 19
Cost: $375
Reiki 1 Weekday Class
with Kaye Smith
Monday, January 20 & Tuesday, January 21
Cost: $300
Reiki 1/Animal Reiki Weeknight Combo Class
with Kaye Smith
6 Thursdays, January 30, February 6,13, 20, 27 & March 5
Cost: $400
Open every day,
9 am - 9 pm
by appointment
1540 W. Fifth Avenue
​Columbus, OH 43212
​Phone: (614) 486-8323