Annual re-calibration service for SM100 and SM100i olfactometer

Annual re-calibration service for SM100 and SM100i olfactometer

The SM100i uses fixed orifice dilution control and therefore requires minimal re-calibration. However, to comply with the EN13725   standard, annual re calibration should be performed. Recalibration should be done by Scentroid.  Our maintenance Service includes disassemble and ultrasonic cleaning, re-assembly and replacement of all tubing and seals,   and a final re-calibration.

Annual service and recalibration includes: 

* Complete disassembly and chemical ultrasonic cleaning
* Replacement of all lines and tubes
* Odour filter replacement
* Recalibration and functional testing
* Replacement of the O-rings
* Reapplication of PTFE coating on the facemask
* Reassembly by Scentroid certified technician
* Visual inspection
* Recalibration using CO or gas collection
* Recertification

Which part should be send for calibration?

1- Dilution System of SM100 (F1) / Retrifit Kit for SM100i ( F3)
2- Face Mask (F2)
3- Carbon filter with tank valve (F4)
4-  All plates (F5)

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