Are you interested in learning more about CRA reporting requirements and the best way to compile your data? Join us for the upcoming CRA Reporting Template Webinar on Tuesday, February 25, as we reveal the CRA Reporting Template recently developed by FRA members Jeff Burton and Zachary Schwartz.

The annual report deadline is March 31, so we encourage you to take this opportunity to review the updated reporting requirements, understand the changes and utilize this incredible reporting tool!

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Q: Did the 2019 CRA legislation in Florida disallow the current practice of including the CRA audit (by the auditor who is independent of the city and the CRA) in the local government audit as a component unit, in Chapter 218.32-39, Florida Statutes? Doesn’t current law and the law passed in 2019, CS/HB 9, allow a CRA to pay for its own standalone audit OR to be included in the city or county audit?

A: There were no changes to s. 163.387 (8) regarding the term or definition of “independent audit” for CRAs. The term independent audit has been in the statute for a long time now, and has not been changed. This was interpreted by the Auditor General and the Department of Financial Services that s.218.32-39 (unchanged in 2019) specifies that CRAs may be audited (and most are) as a component unit of the city or county that created them meets the requirement.

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Congratulations to the Pompano Beach CRA for receiving the 2019 Outstanding Housing Award for City Vista.

City Vista is the first 111 unit mixed-use, affordable mid-rise development within the commercial heart of the African-American community in Pompano Beach. This urban-styled project is located in the future Downtown Pompano Beach Innovation District, which is envisioned to contain a combination of business, technical, corporate, government, hospitality, educational and cultural uses.

City Vista includes 7,400 square feet of non-residential/commercial ground floor space of which a portion of that space will be used for the CRA office.
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CRA Project Manager Immokalee Area- Collier County

Collier County is seeking a CRA project manager to manage and coordinate activities related to the implementation of the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Area plan and the Immokalee Beautification Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) work plan.

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City Engineer - City of Destin

The City of Destin is seeking an engineer responsible for administrative and professional work directing the functions and staff in the development design, construction and implementation of municipal and capital projects. 

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The FRA would like to highlight one of our board members, Jessica Newman!

Jessica is the CRA Coordinator for the City of Wauchula and the Executive Director of Main Street Wauchula, Inc.

For over 10 years, her goal has been to help revitalize and restore her community as a dynamic place to live. We are grateful to have Jessica on our board to help us improve communities throughout Florida.

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February 13, 2020

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