Consider attending the annual Security Operations Summit (SOS) in Colorado on July 26 th and 27 th , 2019.

The summit, organized by the Faith Based Security Network (FBSN), is unique; not only in the teaching (review the Speakers & Topics in the information link below), but also in the audience. Every attendee in an SOS conference is screened to confirm their current active leadership or safety / security role in a legitimate faith-based ministry or as a certified law-enforcement officer.  It is an audience of vetted attendees.

Some speakers give more sensitive and thorough information if they are assured there are no recordings and that the audience is vetted and approved. There are no walk-ins or recordings at the Security Operations Summit.

At the 2018 SOS event, 222 people came from 27 states to hear 17 speakers. In a survey sent weeks later, many said it was the best faith-based security event they had ever attended. We work hard to bring the most applicable topics each year.

After all, that's what it takes to be a summit.

Registration is $175.00. Register by midnight Monday, June 3rd, 2019 to receive an early registration ($26.00) discount, for an entry of $149.00.